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It was another final, another epic display yet another agonising loss!PV Sindhu contested her third major final in the last two years on Sunday and went within touching distance once more before falling painfully short again.

It was an hour and 34-minute-long battle against Japan's Akane Yamaguchi in the BWF World Super Series Finals Sunday night just as Sindhu and Nozomi Okuhara of Japan had fought for an hour and 50 minutes in the World Championships final in August. A year before that Sindhu went down to Spain's Carolina Marin in the Rio Olympics final in one hour and 23 minutes. All the matches saw a similar result -- Sindhu having to settle for silver.
Visibly, Sindhu never gave up, she never does. It never looked like she has developed a mental blockade when it came to finals, what is it then that is stopping Sindhu from touching greatness?
While the Rio Olympics final was Sindhu's first big match where the entire country had her eyes on her, by the time the World Championships and Super Series Finals came, she was used to the expectations.

In the 2016 Olympics, Sindhu had run out of ideas by the end of the match and Marin was finding angles that were tough for Sindhu to pick. Marin is one of the few left handers on the international circuit and that automatically gives her an upper hand in terms of finding angles but at that point of time, Sindhu was yet to mature.
However, both the finals at Super Series Finals and the World http://www.officialducksshoponline.com/authentic-17-ryan-kesler-jersey.html Championships had a similar pattern to them - the fact that both those opponents were Japanese cannot be missed.However, what was most obvious to naked eye was how physically drained Sindhu got halfway through both those games.
One can always argue that her opponents had got tired as well but clearly not as quick and as much as the Indian. And no, that Womens Todd Frazier Jersey doesn't amount to Sindhu being an unaccomplished player but rather to her style of play.
Sindhu is a very tall athlete Authentic Keith Yandle Jersey and that inherently enables her to cover the court incredibly well and makes her shots from the back court very powerful. And that is exactly why she is feared on the circuit.
However, her opponents have got wind of that -- they engage her in longer rallies, find acute angles and force her to play lunged forehand net shot, which is definitely not her strength.After Rio Olympics, Sindhu worked a lot on her endurance knowing that she http://www.philadelphiaeagles.us.com/WOMENS-NELSON-AGHOLOR-JERSEY.html was not the most skillful player but a lot of work still needs to be done.
Since Sindhu is tall, bending back and forth takes up a lot of her energy and though, she has worked immensely and has improved that bit of her game, she needs far more endurance to eke out crucial points.

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