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Visitors look at an oil painting in Chen Chengwei's exhibition "Another Me" at the Today Art Museum in Beijing Cheap NBA Jerseys China , Oct 10, 2015. (Photo provided by Today Art Museum)
A solo exhibition by painter Chen Chengwei called "Another Me" opened Saturday afternoon at the Today Art Museum in Beijing.

The exhibition is presenting more than 50 works that are set in two series - the "Autobiography" and the "Republic of China" (1912-1949).

Works of the "Autobiography" series are much-conceptualized self-portraits of the artist.

With the lighting and color imaging techniques of Rembrandt, the works are a loyal portrayal of the melancholy, lonesome Cheap NBA Jerseys , compassionate and meditating sentiments and subtle dispositions of Chen. They suggest the artist's observation and sought in continuous "Me-interpretation".

The "Republic of China" series is an artistic and aesthetic presentation of the Republican period (1912-1949) in Chen's mind.

He used a very dramatic plot in this series of works. Based on his real life and in retrospect of the past, the works offer an interpretation of the cultural complex on the foundation of the Republican period.

Chen said he had been preparing the exhibition since 2012. Through painting, he embarked on an adventure in search of his own heart. The works reflect his thoughts on subjects such as belief, marriage Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping , crisis, and childhood dream.

Oil painting "23 Years Old: First Entering the Society" by Chen Chengwei (Photo provided by Today Art Museum)

As the most important Chinese contemporary artist on new figurative painting, Chen emphasizes the inheritance and expansion of both Chinese and western humanity classics. He combines Chinese cultural elements perfectly with contemporary concepts. His works are remarkably unique in character.

Chen's works have been put on display in more than 100 exhibitions. His works are eagerly sought by important collectors and collection agencies from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , Macao, Taiwan and foreign countries such as Japan, Singapore, Spain Cheap Wholesale Jerseys , Russia, France, Germany, the U.S. and the UK.

The exhibition continues through Oct 21.


Date: Oct 10 – Oct 21 Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , 2015

Location: 3F Exhibition Hall of Building 1, Today Art Museum

Address: Pingod Community, No. 32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District Cheap Jerseys From China , Beijing

Tel: 8610-58760600

Website: www.todayartmuseum

You might be sensation a little not sure as to exactly where to begin. If you’re questioning how to scrap a automobile there are many assets for you to choose from. The most widespread option that men and women choose when junking their automobile is an automobile wrecking yard.

Car wrecking yards are businesses that get automobiles and procedure them for the scrap metal. Auto wrecking yards also go by a handful of other names. Some refer to on their own as automobile salvage yards, junk yards, car wreckers, or car recycling amenities. Some wrecking yards also offer used vehicle components a lot of yards have their own tow trucks and do their possess towing.

The greatest way to find an auto salvage property close to you is to perform a search on the world wide web for your neighborhood place or refer to a telephone ebook. If you have by now taken your car to a mechanic or auto physique store they typically have auto wrecking businesses that they can recommend to you.

You have heard of the many money for gold companies kicking around the internet by now most very likely and you’re no doubt mindful of just how beneficial these can be in supporting you to simply exchange gold that you have lying about your home for money. Nicely what you might not have identified is that a related support also exists for automobiles Cheap Jerseys China , and that you can very easily offer your vehicle to businesses with none of the hassle attached to usually disposing of a auto or selling 1. Right here we will seem at why it’s so valuable to use these providers.

If you are getting a new vehicle, then offering your old a single and getting hard cash for it is a single of the quantity a single ways to ensure that purchasing the new car is considerably easier. You will this way be ready to pick a a lot nicer and safer vehicle and it will be longer prior to you want to substitute it once again – so it’s more than well worth carrying out. Even if you aren’t getting a new vehicle however, and you are just ceasing driving altogether by promoting your previous 1, then it is even now useful to have some extra cash flow to help you in your day-to-day expenses or just so that you can deal with your self to one thing possibly.

The solution then is to sell your auto to a non-public person Cheap Jerseys , or to a buddy, or to market it to 1 of these automobile getting providers. The latter is the far quicker, less difficult and more practical way to promote your vehicle for a lot of factors and even though you may not get really the exact same sum of money for it, you will conserve cash in other techniques and definitely a good deal of time.

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The money for junk automobiles recycling enterprise has grown above the last 10 a long time given that I have been producing. I appreciate producing about various approaches to assist the surroundings, I have been creating about companies on the web for some time now and I locate the automotive business exciting.

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