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1. Composition of steel tube welding machine
Uncoiler, shearer welder, storing device, forming sizing unit, flying saw, discharging table, packer, high-frequency device
2. Main Technical Specifications of the steel tube welding machine
2.1 Main Specifications:
2.1.1 Pipe Diameter: Φ9-32
2.1.2 Wall Thickness: 0.4 ~ 1.5mm
2.1.3 Pipe Length: 4 ~ 10m
2.1.4 To-length Accuracy: 0 ~ 6mm ( STD )
2.2 Raw Material Conditions:
2.2.1 Low carbon steel and low alloy constructional steel
Mechanical Characteristics:σb≤500Mpa σs≤300Mpa
2.2.2 Width of Strip: 30 ~ 90mm
2.2.3 Thickness of strip: 0.4 ~ 1.5mm
2.2.4 Inner Diameter of Coil: φ508mm
2.2.5 Outer Diameter of Coil: ≤φ1200mm
2.2.6 Weigh of Coil: ≤1.0t
2.3 Forming Speed: 3~ 8 m/min
2.4 Total Power: Approve 45KVA
3 Technological Process of the steel tube welding machine
Uncoiling → Shearing and welding → Forming and Sizing→Cooling → Flying saw cutting → Pipe collecting
4 Main Equipment and Main Data of the steel tube welding machine
4.1 Uncoiled
Firmer Diameter of Coil ,mmφ508mm
Outer Diameter of Coil ,mmMax 1200
Width of strip ,mm30~90
Weight of Coil , max ,ton1.0
Drum ExpansionManual
4.2 Shear Welder
Shearing Width ,mm30~90
Thickness of Strip ,mm0.4~1.5
Clanking of Strip During WeldingPneumatic
Welding of StripAr Shield Welder
Adjust of Up and DownManual
4.3 Forming and Sizing Mill
MaterialLow carbon steel & low alloy steel
σb≤500Mpa σs≤300Mpa
Diameter of Pipe ,mm9~32
Thickness of Strip ,mm0.4~1.5
Width of Strip ,mm30~90
Main Motor Power ,kW45KW×1set
Forming ModeRoll forming
StandPortal style
Forming Speed, m/minMax8
Entry Guide1
No. Of forming stands- horizontal 8
- vertical 8
No. Of sizing stands- horizontal 6
- Vertical 6
Seam Guide Roll Stand1
Squeeze Roll Stand1
Bead Scraper2
Cooling Zone1
Driving Roll Shaft Diameter, mm40Cr, Φ38
Side Roll Shaft Diameter, mm40Cr, Φ25
Turks Head4-roll style.
Reduction Gear BoxBevel Gear Box
Driving SystemBS Euro herm
4.6 Flying Saw
Outer Diameter of Pipe, max, mm 9-32
Wall Thickness, max, mm0.5-1.5
Cut-to-length, m4.0~10
Cutting Motor Power, kWAC 4
Traveling Motor Power, kWDC 11
Cutting Accuracy, mm0~6
5 Pictures of steel tube making machine
6. FAQ
Q: Do you provide installing and debugging overseas?
A: Overseas machine install and worker training services are optional.
Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A :There is no tolerance regarding quality control. Quality contrbest Tube Mill
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