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Now there’s also a membership site you can set up where men and women can join at no cost. And because this type of membership website is free to become a member of you will find that getting people to join will be a breeze. You do of course need to offer these people a good reason to join your site. This can be completed by offering them valuable content that other people would make them pay for. You can even offer content bonuses for people who refer other members to your membership site. The main reason you may want to build a free membership site is to get site visitors. On your membership site you can add affiliate marketing programs to earn a commission or even some type of pay per click system. One more reason people set up free membership sites is so they can construct an email list from the members. Plus by marketing this as being a free membership you’ll find that you will be able to build a big list fast.

You will of course need to get a membership software program to run the site, and you can find all several types of scripts online. And lastly if you are considering having an affiliate program with your membership site you’ll need a more advanced piece of software to take care of your members. Additionally, you will want to make sure you go through all the features of what ever script you plan on using so you can make sure it can handle everything you need to. Verifying the functions that are incorporated can wind up saving you a lot of headaches later on. In addition don’t be afraid to send out a message to the owner of the program or script and ask them any questions you have before you buy the program.

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Panic Disorder with the Dual Diagnosis of Addiction By Mehwish Mursaleen Health Articles | February 7 DeVante Parker Dolphins Jersey , 2016

Before we describe dual diagnosis, we will shortly discuss what panic disorder and addiction is and then confer about the link of panic disorder and addiction in terms of treatment.

Panic Disorder:

Panic disorder is characterized by intense anxiety attacks reaching to the peak within seconds which may last for 10min. During the attack, a variety of physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms are experienced. Emotional symptoms include fear of losing control Cordrea Tankersley Dolphins Jersey , getting faint or dying. The patient feels agitated, restless and anxious. Cognitive symptoms include, a rush of thoughts expecting a real danger. They misinterpret and catastrophize a minor sensation such as rapid heartbeat as having a heart attack or going crazy. Physical symptoms which are particularly prominent in panic attack include sweating, numbness in limbs Charles Harris Dolphins Jersey , rapid heartbeat, lump in throat, chest pain or congestion, hot flashes or chills Xavien Howard Dolphins Jersey , heavy breathing, trembling or shaking, and nausea etc. Once, a person experiences a panic attack Laremy Tunsil Dolphins Jersey , he becomes fearful of having another attack. They may start avoiding situations where escape would be difficult during panic attack such as shopping malls, crowded areas, rush places, enclosed places such as plane or car etc. This condition is called Panic disorder with Agoraphobia.

Due to repeated panic attacks Raekwon McMillan Dolphins Jersey , it becomes very difficult for to focus on anything else. Headaches, light-headedness, sleep disturbance and high blood pressure are commonly reported by patients. The symptoms of panic disorder are disturbing to the extent they mimic heart-attack. Such people go for extensive medical check-ups while their reports show normal results. Their psychosocial life gets disturbed to the extent that they become home-bound. Sometimes they suffer from associated symptoms of depression and eating disturbance.

The effective treatment of panic disorder is supposed to be cognitive behavioural therapy (Mehwish &Uzma, 2015). Psychotropic medications used for Panic attacks include anti-anxiety drugs and benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are the group of psychoactive drugs which are highly addictive and may produce withdrawal effects when a patient stops taking medicine. Moreover Kenny Stills Dolphins Jersey , when these drugs are taken along with substances such as alcohol sedatives, analgesics, or tranquilizers may cause lethal effects. These may also cause severe side effects.


Addiction involves compulsive use of something which is considered gratifying despite its adverse consequences. It is considered rewarding and pleasurable therefore pers. Air Max 1 Clearance Air Max 90 Outlet Air Max 90 Outlet Wholesale Hats Wholesale Hoddies China Cheap Nike NBA Hoddies Wholesale Hats Free Shipping Cheap Hats Free Shipping Cheap Hats Wholesale Cheap NCAA Hats

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