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YooForic CBD Gum Our dough will already have a typical sponge cake dough texture. To finish we add the chocolate chips, stirring well to distribute them. And we go to the microwave. We put our cup with the cake dough 3 minutes at a high power (1000W). It is normal for the cake to grow so much that it rises along the edges of the cup. Don't panic and don't open the microwave when it happens. And after 3 minutes we can remove the cake from the microwave, let it cool and enjoy after its delicious taste and psychoactive effects. If you are very sweet, you can add some cream or chocolate chips on top. For the latter, it is better to take advantage of it when we take it out of the microwave, so it will melt slightly on the cake. In our post today we will show you how to make a cream to treat pains based on cannabis, cayenne pepper, coconut oil and dried arnica flowers. They are ingredients that you can find in any herbalism, except for cannabis, which we will preferably opt for a variety grown with organic methods. Cayenne pepper is a species of red pepper, small and spicy with origins in South and Central America, the West Indies and Mexico. One of its active compounds called capsaicin, in addition to providing its intense itching is also a powerful pain reliever. The Cancer Treatment Center of America drew up a list of 11 foods with cancer-fighting properties, and cayenne pepper is among the best. The reasons are that a single teaspoon provides 15% of recommended vitamin A per day (treat infections, keep mucous membranes healthy ...), and also up to 3% of vitamin E (a potent antioxidant) Cayenne peppers are also an excellent source of vitamin C, which provides collagen synthesis to maintain healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and organs, and helps improve your immunity. Vitamin K maintains a healthy blood circulation. Cayenne is also a good source of vitamin B6, manganese, niacin, riboflavin, magnesium and iron, as well as potassium, which helps control heart rate and blood pressure.

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