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Gerkin Sid
Submitted 2018-05-19 04:18:10 The world of mobile technology is a quickly changing landscape Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap , with manufacturers vying to satisfy the mobile users' ever increasing hunger for new features and better equipment at reasonable cost in a viciously competitive market.

So what's new? Who hasn't heard of the latest incarnation of the most successful, and some would argue still the best, mobile touch phone - the Apple 3G. It's faster, has more storage Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , a better camera that can now take videos, voice control, maps, internet access - the list goes on. It's also now cheaper.

Next up we have Mobile VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol - a means of making a phone call from your 3G enabled mobile using the internet to carry the call instead of the mobile network as you normally would. The main advantage is the cost - as most internet access is on a fixed cost Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China , you can use this method to call anywhere else in the world with an internet connection.

Savings can be huge; particularly for international calls. Currently Skype (popular for PC to PC phone calls), TruPhone and a company called Fring offer a mobile VoIP service for 3G smart phones.

But how are the mobile providers going to keep up with people's ever increasing desire to watch video and TV live on their devices? The current batch of 3G (3rd Generation) devices are okay, but have their limitations. So, in development is the 4G (4th Generation) mobile. This will give the user not only high quality on-demand video streaming (for TV) Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , but also access to broadband internet, video chat and fast download of video and music content. A great mobile entertainment center for those who live their lives out of a suitcase.

Lastly, an interesting, yet potentially irritating craze has developed taking advantage of one of the most used features of mobile technology - Blue tooth. Initially intended as an easy method by which two Blue tooth enabled devices could exchange messages and information over short distances wireless Wholesale NFL Jerseys , it now has an added function: 'blue jacking'. 'Blue jacking' simply involves sending un-solicited (and anonymous) messages to another person's device within range of the perpetrator.

One regular 'blue jacker' was quoted as saying, "The priceless expression on the face of my first victim as he tried to work out what was going on has turned me into a regular blue jacker." That being said, there are easy ways to prevent yourself being 'jacked' - turn off your Blue tooth when you're not using it: don't make your device discoverable - but a lot of people don't bother.

Niche And Grow Rich Marketing Articles | April 14, 2005
Right now 'Niche Marketing is the hottest marketing topic online. Is it a new concept? Well on the Internet maybe Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap , but if like me, you've been involved in direct response marketing in the ...

Right now 'Niche Marketing is the hottest marketing topic online.

Is it a new concept?

Well on the Internet maybe, but if like me, you've been involved in direct response marketing in the 'Bricks and Mortar' world then it isn't - that's the way we've done
things since time immemorial.

So what's this Niche Marketing thing all about?

If you have ever taken Marketing 101 then you'll have heard of the old marketing adage : "Find a need and fill it" - that's what "Niche Marketing" is all about. Finding a "focussed" group of people Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping , with a specialized interest, eager to buy (The Niche) and promoting a suitable product or service to all those interested in buying it (Marketing).

Let me give you a few examples of these Niches :

Health and Fitness
Dog Training
Satellite TV
Beauty Tips
Alternative Health
Hand-poured Candles
Gourmet Foods
Credit Cards

...... the list just goes on and on and these are just the main headings, there are niches within each of these niches ... Think of a subject and there's likely a niche market for it...

But the name of the game is to find a "tightly focussed" niche. The reason for this that if you target a general market the competition is fierce and it's hard, if not
impossible Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , for the little guy to get a foothold.

When you narrow down the size of the market you eradicate most of the heavy hitters with bottomless advertising budgets, because these guys aren't interested in making a few thousand bucks a year from these tiny specialized markets, they're after millions from mass markets...

... And let's face it if you're a little guy you simply can't be everything to everybody, so you must pick a specific focus (Niche) for your business. For example don't target "Fishing" Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping , instead target "Fishing Baits" or "Fishing Lures" both of which have a much more specific focus...

...Get the idea?

Once you narrow down the size of the market you have an automatic advantage over larger companies. Here's why :

You can quickly become an expert in your niche (if you're not already)
It's easier to keep current with a narrowly focussed market niche
You can respond faster to changes in the market
You can build close relationships with key customers that will be hard to compete with

This is something I learned from experience - if you're interested you can read my story here :

By now you're probably wondering about the mech. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NHL Jerseys Cheap Authentic Nike Shoes Wholesale Kids Jordan Shoes Wholesale Air Max Black Wholesale Vapormax 2018 Wholesale Nike TN Shoes Cheap Air Jordans Kids

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