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The history of Scotts Valley Delano Hill Jersey , California is a lengthy tale. It is positioned at the bottom of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Archaeological digs have unearthed remnants of the Paleo Indian culture dating back as far as eight to twelve thousand years. Settlements of the Ohlone tribes are thought to date back as far as 2,000 B.C. It was also home to the Shasta tribe and many beaver. Wild produce such as acorns, berries, cherries, and plums made the area attractive to indigenous people. Steelhead fish and salmon supplied many meals for people of the region.

The region was formerly called Rancho San Agustin during the time of the Spanish-Mexican inhabitants. The area extends for over 4 Shaquill Griffin Jersey ,400 acres. It was given to Jose Antonio Bolcoff who was recorded to be residing with his wife there in 1836. Bolcoff was a native of Russia but later became a Mexican citizen. He spent a period of time as a traveling interpreter for Alta, California's governor, Pablo Vicente de Sol .Bolcoff abandoned his "rancho" and it was then given over to his brother in law Joseph Ladd Majors.

Majors was an American citizen from Tennessee. He had previously earned a living as a trapper. When he came to the area he assisted in the operation of a distillery with Job Dye. He constructed a grist mill where area residents were able to get much need ground wheat. He used the "rancho" to assist in stowing away British and American citizens. They were being threatened by the Mexican government who wanted to banish all of the "foreigners" in the area. Meanwhile, Paul Sweet helped to develop the tanning industry in the region. There was a large presence of tanbark oaks within the Santa Cruz Mountains. He was a native of the state of Rhode Island.

Mayor Joseph Ladd Majors was elected into office, and in later years served as treasurer to the city. He decided to sell his property in 1850. A native of Maine Ethan Pocic Jersey , Hiram Scott, purchased Major's property. Scott had worked as a seaman but became a gold prospector in the area. His family was the only residents in the area for a long period of time. The city was named in his honor. Quail, deer, coyotes, wolves Malik McDowell Jersey , mink, and grizzly bears were plentiful and indigenous to the region during that time period. He eventually sold off his land to a few different families as they came into the area.

Locke's Springvale Dairy was an attraction in the area. The dairy donated some land to the school district. Social activities largely took place within the school which became the social hub. Apples, butter, cheese, grapes Shaquem Griffin Jersey , poultry and milk became staples of the areas produce. The beautiful landscape of the region called to tourists from many places, especially after The Great Depression. History of Scotts Valley, California shows that the area did not become incorporated until 1964 and wasn't truly a city until 1966. The city is now home to many high tech firms.
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Seb Frey is a Capitola, California Real Estate Broker specializing in Santa Cruz Real Estate. He is fluent in Spanish and enjoys helping people find their piece of the American Dream in Santa Cruz. You can find Sebs blog at SantaCruzHomeBrokerblog.

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