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Zillion men who would have played snooker in their life Cheap Jerseys China , and perhaps got addicted to the game. The Snooker parlors would be accumulated by young boys playing the game over and over again. Those gloves, bright green table and colorful balls bring back the memories of high school and college. While people leave this game and move on, some people take this sports seriously to embark upon a career in Snooker.
Snooker sports is gradually finding its presence worldwide. Being originated in India, it is quite similar to Billiards. It is played on a rectangular table covered with green cloth with holes at each ends to pass the 22 colors balls. With the help of cue Cheap Jerseys , the player must strike the white ball to the remaining ones. If each ball passes the hole in correct sequence, the player gains points. The person striking most balls and thus having highest points wins the game.
Since Snooker is an Indian game, it has become a culture in the country. Everywhere, you ought to find the pool tables. This game has a rich history. Since billiards was played by the British Army Wholesale Washington Redskin Jerseys , a british officer sir Neville Chamberlain devised a set of rules which had pyramid and life pool in combination. And that’s how Snooker came into existence.
Through the time Snooker gained wide popularity and hence since 1927 The World Snooker Championship has been taking place. Since this game has its roots in India, there is plethora of institutes providing training in snooker game. And thousands of Indian snooker players are playing to gain recognition as the top snooker player.
This cue sports has garnered attention of many people thus producing thousands of players every year. Top Indian snooker players involves a list of professional athletes who are experts in this cue game. Some of the names of best Indian snooker players include Pankaj Advani, Aditya Mehta, Geet Sethi Wholesale Tennessee Titans Jerseys , Anuja Thakur to name a few. These players have participated in several championship games and won.
Hence they are the top Indian snooker players.
When it comes to promoting this cue sports, Ravindra Kumar Gupta has been giving it all to make this game reach to new heights. Mr. Ravindra Kumar Gupta is the snooker master and he has a world class platform to promote cue sports around the world. This platform is known as Ravindra Kumar Gupta Snooker or RKG Snooker. On the website www.rkgsnooker you can find every single thing to master in cue sports. He played snooker since he was 16 and from the last 4 decades he has been giving it all to spread awareness about this game.
You can find abundant information about snooker on the website. From latest news to the blogs and article related to snooker, you would never leave the page if you are a true Cue Sports fanatic! Mr. Ravindra Kumar Gupta has done a tremendous job in publicizing the game around the world. And he has many title etched under his name as well. He won several championship games and published a book on snooker. Well he is surely the top Indian snooker player and an icon for every young snooker player!
If you have a zeal and passion to become the top Indian Snooker player, then don’t sit back and relax! Its time to buckle up! Well what are you waiting for? Go and search for Ravindra Kumar Gupta Snooker right now and find all the relevant information related to cue sports today!

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