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Chủ đề: Chris Harris and the Broncos remain   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 09/10/2019 lúc 02:59:03(UTC)
at an impasse over his contract Brian Dawkins Jersey , so the cornerback remains absent from the team’s offseason workouts. Harris is looking for a deal that will pay him more than $15 million or a trade to a team that will meet his demand. The Broncos have no desire to trade Harris, who has played in Denver for eight seasons, started most of the past seven seasons and made four Pro Bowls.Harris’ teammates said they feel for Harris.“Sometimes when you first get here, they tell you if you play and you play well, they’ll take care of you,” Broncos linebacker Von Miller said, via Nicki Jhabvala of TheAthletic.com. “If you do all the right things in the community and you do all the right things on the football field, they’ll take care of you. Chris has definitely done everything and then some, whether it’s in the community with his foundation, or on the football field. He guards the No. 1 receiver. He’s a top DB in the league, and you want to take care of guys like that.“But it’s not all simple. It’s not all as easy as it seems, and I understand that. I’ve been through that before. But guys like Chris Harris, who have done it all and really hit all the check marks and all the boxes, you want to take care of guys like that. He deserves it, 100 percent.”Harris’ $8.5 million annual average salary ranks only 25th in the NFL among players at his position, trailing even Kareem Jackson, whom the Broncos signed in free agency. Jackson has never made the Pro Bowl.Harris is due to make $7.8 million in base salary this season in the final year of his deal. A look ahead to top enterprise and feature stories planned globally by AP Sports. New digests will go out each Thursday and Monday and will be repeated on other weekdays. Please note that story plans may change depending on news and other issues. For access to AP Newsroom and other technical issues, contact AP Customer Support at apcustomersupport(at)ap.org or 877-836-9477. For reruns, call the Service Desk 800-838-4616 or your local AP bureau. As with all our operations, we welcome and want your feedback. If you have thoughts or questions about the Sports Showcase Digest or the material listed, please reach out to Oskar Garcia, assistant sports editor for the U.S. east region, at 215-446-6632 or at ogarcia(at)ap.org. All times are Eastern. — FRIDAY, Dec. 29 FBN–END ZONE FUMBLES OAKLAND, Calif. – Derek Carr’s stretch for a touchdown that turned into a fumble through the end zone for a turnover was just the latest example of a risk for a score backfiring on a player. The rule that treats fumbles through the end zone far more harshly than those that go out of bounds on the field of play has been used more times this year than any other this century and has coaches using the latest example as another teaching tool. By Pro Football Writer Josh Dubow. UPCOMING: 900 words, photos by 3 a.m. Friday. FBN–BRONCOS-BUSY WITH BEES ENGLEWOOD Peyton Manning Jersey , Colo. – When Brooks Dodson, the Denver Broncos’ director of turf, didn’t see any bees buzzing around the team’s expanded grounds, he visited a beekeeper for advice. That led to the Broncos becoming the first pro sports team to host hives on its property, and some of the honey that’s generated by the 100,000 bees is even used in the team’s cafeteria. By Pro Football Writer Arnie Stapleton. UPCOMING: 500 words, photos, video by 12 p.m. Friday. SATURDAY, Dec. 30 SOC–ON SOCCER-2018 LOOKAHEAD LONDON – Soccer moves at a rapid pace. Zinedine Zidane won every major honor in club soccer in 2017, but enters the new year in difficulty at Real Madrid. Pep Guardiola failed to win a trophy in his first year at Manchester City, but remains in contention for a quadruple in 2018. Being a World Cup year, the tournament in Russia will shape the soccer landscape in June and July. It’s a test of Russia’s hosting capabilities, and a platform for players to secure big post-World Cup transfers. The cash available for player moves in future will be determined in part in 2018 by the value of television rights secured by the world’s richest soccer competition as the English Premier League completes television deals for the next three-year cycle. By Rob Harris. UPCOMING: 800 words, photos by 12 p.m. Saturday. WEDNESDAY, Jan. 3 FBN–COPYCAT DEFENSES JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Whether or not Seattle makes the playoffs, its defense is a lock for the postseason. The scheme that carried the Seahawks to consecutive Super Bowls (2013-14) has become increasingly popular around the NFL. It helped Atlanta make the Super Bowl last year and was the catalyst for Jacksonville’s stunning turnaround this season. It’s also getting rave reviews of late in Los Angeles and San Francisco. By Mark Long. UPCOMING: 800 words, photos by 3 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 3. — Again, if you have questions about the Sports Showcase Digest or the material listed, please reach out to Oskar Garcia, assistant sports editor for the U.S. east region, at 215-446-6632 or at ogarcia(at)ap.org. Thanks, AP Sports
Chủ đề: Steelers vs. Ravens:   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 09/10/2019 lúc 02:13:29(UTC)
3 Steelers players who need to have big games to win Sunday night What can be said about the rivalry between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens that hasn’t already been said. There’s a sense of both respect and dislike between the two fan bases. It may not be the longest-tenured rivalry but Cheap Isaiah Buggs Jersey , in my opinion, it’s one of the purest in all of football. Dating back to September 8, 1996, the two teams have played a total of 48 games with Pittsburgh holding a 27-21 advantage. They’ve met in the playoffs four times with Pittsburgh holding a 3-1 edge in those matchups. This is a huge game for both teams, each trying to establish dominance in the AFC North, and I don’t see why this won’t be one of those epic battles to which we’ve grown accustomed. The Steelers will need solid games from everyone to be successful, but I’ll give you three players who need to shine if we want to see Pittsburgh walk away with early bragging rights. Chris BoswellAs of late, The Wizard of Boz has been anything but magical. Our normally-accurate kicker has missed three out of four attempts on the year, and the most alarming of his seasonal stats are the two extra points missed. To say he’s in a funk is an understatement, and he needs to get this case of the shanks worked out before Sunday night, In the teams’ previous 48 meetings Morgan Burnett Jersey , 20 have been decided by three points or less. Dating back to 2009, 12 of the last 20 have been decided by three points or fewer. We know they have a great kicker in Justin Tucker — the question is, will ours come out of hibernation?Cameron Heyward It’s time for our stud D-lineman to break out and have a great game. Heyward, who’s coming off of an incredible 2017 season, has only one sack to his credit and doesn’t seem to be as disruptive this year. He’s totaled 11 tackles with only two TFLs. In 2017, Heyward had 17 of those. It’s still early in the season, and stats don’t tell the whole story, but I would love for No. 97 to give fans a signature game on Sunday night. In the last meeting with Baltimore,Alex Collins gashed the Steelers early and often, and I have no idea as to why they stopped using him in that game. His stat line: 18 attempts 120 yards 6.7 avgalso had 2 catches for 46 yards. Looking back at the earlier meeting, he had 9 carries for 81 yards for a unhealthy 9 yards a carry. Needless to say Mike Wagner Jersey , he’s had some success against the Black-and-gold. The Defensive Captain needs to lead by example. James ConnerThis isn’t to say that Conner hasn’t been doing work. It’s more of an acknowledgement that, as a team, the Steelers need some balance on offense. Baltimore has had a way of making it tough sledding for our backs. This certainly depends on our O-line, but Conner will need to get tough yards in this matchup and prove he can be disruptive. These are tough and physical games between arch-rivals, and this is Conner’s first start as the feature back. Sometimes it’s not just the total stat line, but more a case of simply bringing it against these guys. Let me know what you think in the comment section.HERE WE GO STEELERS!Report: Joe Haden has a mild hamstring injury and could miss game against Chiefs While cornerback Joe Haden was the only player forced from the field early due to injury on Sunday for the Pittsburgh Steelers, very little has been heard from the team or Haden about the severity of the problem since his hamstring injury was first reported. Declining to speak to the press at any length after the game, Haden merely confirmed he was due to have an MRI on Monday, offering little else of substance to allay the fears of Steelers Nation. However, if a report from Jeremy Fowler on Monday is to be believed, the injury might not be as significant as first imagined.As per Google Mark Barron Jersey , ever reliable when it comes to medical diagnosis, a Grade-1 hamstring pull can take anywhere from two days to two weeks to heal. With the Steelers set to face the Kansas City Chiefs at Heinz Field in five days, that would seem to leave Haden questionable for Sunday but probable for Week 3. Cameron Sutton was the next man up on the depth chart against the Browns and he would figure to be the starter versus the Chiefs if the veteran cornerback cannot play. Haden’s level of participation in practice this week will determine his availability in Week 2, as Mike Tomlin might say, and he’s likely to be characterized as day-to-day when Tomlin addresses the media on Tuesday.For what it’s worth, members of the press who saw Haden at the team facilities on Monday reported no obvious signs of injury, nor any visible limp.
Chủ đề: More salary cap voodoo"   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 09/10/2019 lúc 10:33:35(UTC)
I got into a bit of a Twitter handbag fight last year or the year before.What happened was that a guy wrote a congratulatory comment about a player getting a “win” for other NFL players by signing a new record-breaking contract.I made the point in reply that Ryan Kerrigan Jersey , when a player signs an above-market contract, he hasn’t won a fight against the NFL owners, he’s simply taken money out of the pockets of his teammates, since the salary cap is a specific-sized pie; more for one player means less for the others.That guy kept arguing with me, which was fine.At one point, though, he suggested that I didn’t understand how the salary cap worked, and I realized that he thought I was stupid and wrong, while I thought the same of him.It was the first, and will probably be the last, time I ever get into an extended argument via Twitter.This past week, I wanted to write an article about something (I forget exactly what it was), and I wanted to begin the article with the same argument; that is, that the salary cap is a specific-sized pie, so more money for one player means less money for his teammates.As I started typing, I thought of the first objection I was likely to hear in the comments: teams don’t necessarily pay out the full salary cap.in cash this year.So, $31.1m in cash vs. $11.1m in cap space.The $20m difference is spread across the remaining 4 years of the contract — years in which his actual cash received will be less than his cap hit.When you put together all the players on all the teams across the league, the analysis from OTC says that teams are not paying out 95% of the cap, or even 100%, but that they are paying out more in cash payments to players than the scheduled salary cap limit — 101% of the cap, in fact — and no team is threatening the 89% minimum, with the Texans the lowest in the league, at nearly 93%.Because there’s so much smoke and mirrors in the management of salary cap, it’s easy to wonder if the CBA is accomplishing its goal of making sure that players are fairly treated and fairly paid.While Mark Twain famously pointed out that there are three great lies: “Lies Vernon Davis Jersey , damned lies, and statistics”, this particular statistic indicates to me that the CBA is working by making sure that, at least, the money that is supposed to be spent on players is actually being paid to them.Bye week blues With the Redskins on an early bye, this week offers an empty space in the otherwise weekly routine of the 17-week season akin to a missing tooth that draws you to explore the gap with your tongue again and again despite the fact that there’s nothing there.Redskins fans this weekend are reduced to two pastimes — looking for intriguing matchups in the Week 3 schedule, and rooting against our divisional foes.Unfortunately, none of our divisional foes look like definite underdogs in their Week 3 matchups, allowing Redskin fans the opportunity to see our team advance in the divisional standings even as the players themselves relax on the beach in Cabo.Eagles - TitansPhilly has played three tight games this season, scoring 18, 21 and 20 points.The first two games were played with Nick Foles under center, and he seems to have fallen back to earth after his magical playoff run of 2017.Wentz looked talented but rusty in last week’s hard fought win against the Colts, meaning he is likely to improve weekly as the season progresses.Tennessee has a 2-1 record, indicating that they have the stuff needed to threaten the Eagles, but Mariota has been out most of the season with an elbow injured in Week 1, and was forced into action in last week’s 9-6 victory over Jacksonville.In the NFL.com weekly Pick’em, 86% have picked the Eagles to win.Let’s go Titans!Detroit - DallasDallas has played very good defense and very bad offense this season.In three weeks, opponents have put up only 53 points against Dallas.Unfortunately, Dallas has put up 41 on offense.The passing game has been anemic, and because Dak has been no threat as a passer, opposing defenses have been able to focus on stopping Zeke Elliott.The Cowboys’ only victory came against the NY Giants, and they lost to an otherwise winless Seattle Seahawks team.Normally all of this would bode well for the Redskins bye week, but the Cowboys’ opponent, the Detroit Lions Da’Ron Payne Jersey , have had a similar season to the Cowboys through the first three weeks, first losing to the Jets and 49ers before suddenly putting on their big boy pants and beating the Patriots in Week 3.The winner of this game will be 2-2, with renewed hope for the season.The loser will be 1-3 and starting to think about the 2019 draft. In the NFL.com weekly Pick’em, the vote is split almost evenly, with 52% favoring the Lions on the road.In the battle of silver & blue, I’ll be rooting for the visitors this week.Saints - GiantsThe late game in the division is the one that offers some hope for a blowout of such proportions that Redskin fans can push the recliner back and enjoy the contest with laughter and a six-pack.Still, in a Drew Brees-Eli Manning matchup, it’s hard to feel totally secure that the Giants won’t muster something special to win the day, especially playing at home in New Jersey.The Saints have reverted to form in 2018, not bothering to play defense — relying instead on trying to win track meets.They lost to the Bucs 48-40 in week 1; beat the Browns 21-18 in Week 2, and came up big against the division rival Falcons 43-37 last week.Who knows?Maybe Sean Payton’s defensive traffic cones and crash dummies will be all Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard and Saquon Barkley need to get on track.After scoring a combined 28 points in the first two games, the Giants put up 27 in a ‘get well’ game against the Texans.If the Saints can win this game and go to 3-1, they will drive the first nail into the Giants’ coffin by setting them back to 1-3 at the end of the first quarter of the season.Here’s hoping that in New York today, the Saints come marching in for a win.A couple other interesting matchups:Tampa Bay - ChicagoTwo teams that have surprised by overachieving through three games.One team will win, and move to 3-1, while the other will walk away 2-2 and face questions about what it means for their season.Who will make the difference for their respective team, Mack or Fitzmagic?Ravens - SteelersThe Ravens could bring the Steelers to a critical juncture by going into PIttsburgh and beating Big Ben and Antonio Brown.If the Steelers drop to 1-2-1, they will face a tough battle to turn the season around in the coming weeks without Le’Veon Bell under contract.Reminder: Even after the bye week ends, Redskins fans have to wait an extra day to see the team in action, as the Week 5 game against the Saints will be played on Monday Night.It’ll be a long eight days!
Chủ đề: RAIDERS NEWSAntonio Brown in Raiders   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 08/10/2019 lúc 01:23:36(UTC)
gear gets feature spot on cover of Sports Illustrated - Silver And Black PrideIf you are the collecting type Leon Hall Jersey , you may want to pick you up a copy of this..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesSilver And Black Pride homepageHorizontal - WhiteSilver And Black Pridean Oakland Raiders communityFollow Silver And Black Pride online:Follow Silver And Black Pride on TwitterFollow Silver And Black Pride on FacebookLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchSilver And Black Pride main menuFanpostsFanshotsRaidersOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Silver Mining 6/15: WR Brown setting the standard at Raiders practiceNew,9commentsPDTRAIDERS NEWSAntonio Brown in Raiders gear gets feature spot on cover of Sports Illustrated - Silver And Black PrideIf you are the collecting type, you may want to pick you up a copy of this month’s Sports Illustrated. It featured Antonio Brown on the cover in full Raiders gear.Let’s not ignore that...Antonio Brown the lone Raiders player to make PFF Top 50 heading into 2019 - Silver And Black PrideThere was one splash the Raiders made this offseason that dwarfed all others. It was the trade for Antonio Brown, arguably the best receiver in football. That addition gave the Raiders the only...Raiders 2019 training camp depth chart - Silver And Black PrideMinicamps are done and today is the first official day of the Raiders longest offseason break before training camp. With nothing happening between now and then, we have a fairly good idea of what...Gil Brandt projects Raiders RB Josh Jacobs to rush for 875 yardsNFL.com's Gil Brandt projects Raiders RB Josh Jacobs to rush for 875 yards in 2019Raiders kicker Daniel Carlson only specialist with secure job | Las Vegas Review-JournalThe second-year player has the job locked up, but Johnny Townsend and rookie A.J. Cole are competing to be Oakland’s punter, with Townsend favored to win the battle.Raiders offseason program observations: Antonio Brown sets new standard | NBCS Bay AreaThe Raiders' offseason program has come to an end and several observations really stood out.AFC WEST NEWSChargers 5 Question Friday: What’s the outlook at left tackle?We answered five questions in our new segment Antonio Brown Jersey , Los Angeles Chargers Five Question Friday.NFL 2019: Five KC Chiefs sleepers to remember ahead of training camp - Arrowhead PrideIn his weekly installment of Stagner Things, Matt takes a look at the sleepers who could make a difference come time for training camp.Bowlen, longtime Broncos owner, dies at age 75Pat Bowlen, the longtime owner of the Denver Broncos who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August, died late Thursday night at age 75.AROUND THE NFLTexans no longer pursuing Patriots' Caserio for GM - NFL.comA few days after the Patriots filed tampering charges against the Texans, Houston announced it has backed off in its pursuit of New England exec Nick Caserio for its general manager vacancy.Landry: Mayfield-Duke Johnson drama a 'non-issue' - NFL.comCleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry weighed in on the situation between quarterback Baker Mayfield and running back Duke Johnson Derek Carr Jersey , calling it a "non-issue."Arizona Cardinals' 'Mr. Irrelevant' Caleb Wilson living the NFL dreamArizona Cardinals' rookie tight end Caleb Wilson, last pick in the draft, can make history by catching a TD pass from overall No. 1 pick Kyler Murray.The NFL has had great nicknames in its history. Here are some of the best. - Chicago TribuneThe memorable moments and teams in NFL history can be summarized by a word or phrase such as the "Steel Curtain" or "America's Team." All the major free agent additions are in house and the draft is behind us. The next step is for all of them to take the field together in OTA’s. That will be the first time the Raiders get their..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteSilver And Black Pridean Oakland Raiders communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsRaidersOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Filed under:Silver & Black PridecastS&B Pridecast Ep 20 Mailbag: Which Raiders draft pick will have the biggest impact? Biggest disappointment? Where to Raiders spend their remaining cap money? New,60commentsPDTShareTweetShareShareS&B Pridecast Ep 20 Mailbag: Which Raiders draft pick will have the biggest impact? Biggest disappointment? Where to Raiders spend their remaining cap money? All the major free agent additions are in house and the draft is behind us. The next step is for all of them to take the field together in OTA’s. That will be the first time the Raiders get their first good look at their 2019 roster.With the team forming largely behind is and the team preparation in the coming weeks, it seemed like the perfect time to field a few readers questions for a mailbag podcast. As usual, there were some great questions and we fielded as many as we could, the best we could. We are now two weeks removed from the draft Reggie Nelson Jersey , if you can believe that. So, we’ve had plenty of time to digest the Raiders haul and what they could mean for the team, as well as what needs that are still unaddressed. The Raiders still have $29 million to spend under the salary cap, even though there isn’t a whole lot of talent still out there on whom to spend it. We tackle these issues and more in our milestone 20th episode of the Silver & Black Pridecast.
Chủ đề: Two key members of the Broncos offense   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 29/09/2019 lúc 01:25:42(UTC)
spent the offseason working their way back from injuries and both of them are set to practice with the team at training camp on Thursday.Running back Phillip Lindsay said earlier this week that he felt ready to practice after a wrist injury that required surgery Shane Ray Jersey , but that the team’s medical staff and coaches still needed to give him the green light. They apparently agreed with Lindsay because head coach Vic Fangio said on Wednesday that Lindsay is “ready to go” for the first practice of camp.The same is true of wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. General Manager John Elway said at his press conference that Sanders, who tore his Achilles last year, would not be placed on the physically unable to perform list to open camp.Sanders said on Tuesday that he would not be “full go” at the start of camp and Fangio said they’ll “obviously” ease Lindsay back to full speed as well. Fangio added that he expected things to move quickly with Lindsay once camp is fully up and running. GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) — There were a lot of orange-clad Denver fans in the stands in Arizona.They must have loved watching the Broncos beat down the host Cardinals 45-10 Thursday night.“That was unbelievable,” Denver quarterback Case Keenum said afterward. “It felt like a home game there for a lot of it. That was impressive. That was really cool.”After four straight losses, the Broncos (3-4) took control early, returning two interceptions of Josh Rosen’s passes for first-quarter touchdowns. Denver led 21-3 after one quarter and 35-3 at the half, giving a rare breather of a win to embattled coach Vance Joseph.“That’s more about our football team. I’m not concerned about me,” Joseph said. “It’s a good win for our football team. It has been a tough, tough two weeks. We had a tough loss on Sunday. We had a short week Justin Simmons Jersey , so it’s really good for our team to win a game.”The Cardinals (1-6) have lost their first four home games for the first time since 1979, nearly a decade before the franchise moved from St. Louis to the desert.“Definitely an embarrassing effort tonight,” first-year coach Steve Wilks said. “Our fans deserve more than that. We have to perform better than that. Six sacks, three interceptions. It can go on and on. Unacceptable.”Arizona offensive coordinator Mike McCoy had been considered on shaky ground but there’s no indication that any move is imminent.“You guys are going to ask me about changes,” Wilks said. “That’s premature to talk about any changes right now. Everyone is going to be evaluated across the board.”Here are some things to consider from the Broncos’ romp in the desert:MILLER’S PROMISEDenver’s Von Miller had promised the Broncos would kick the Cardinals’ backside and they certainly did.Miller said he did it to boost the confidence of his teammates.“And it worked,” he said.Defensive end Zach Kerr agreed.“It puts an extra fire in us,” he said. “You can feel it all week during the preparation. Everyone was zoned in, locked in. It’s a short week, but nobody complained. Nobody said anything, but we just went out there and worked.”HARRIS’ FLIPEmmanuel Sanders had a big night Adam Gotsis Jersey , throwing a 28-yard touchdown pass and catching a 64-yarder for a score.On the TD catch, he did a front flip over the goal line. He had said he was going to quit with the flips, but couldn’t resist.“That’s what it’s about, man, having fun and playing football,” Sanders said. “That’s how you win games. To catch that pass, I didn’t have to do anything but run straight. It was probably one of the easiest touchdown passes I’ve caught in terms of a deep ball.”ROSEN’S NIGHTArizona rookie quarterback Josh Rosen had a tough night.He threw three interceptions and fumbled the ball away twice. He also was sacked six times.Rosen said he tried to force things and it backfired.“This is kind of an old saying I got in college. ‘Don’t turn a car crash into a fatality,'” Rosen said. “So I think sometimes you just have to make the smart play. I can’t just kind of toss it up there. … I just have to take care of the ball. For the most part, I think that was the biggest lesson I can take from the game.”FITZGERALD’S SCOREIt took seven games, but Larry Fitzgerald finally caught his first touchdown pass of the season.The four-yard pass from Rosen in the third quarter was Arizona’s lone touchdown.It was Fitzgerald’s 111th career touchdown catch Jake Butt Jersey , tying him with Tony Gonzalez for seventh on the all-time list.BIG RETURNSThe Broncos had two big early interception returns.On the second play of the game, Derek Wolfe deflected Rosen’s pass and Todd Davis gathered it in, returning it 20 yards for the score.With two minutes left in the quarter, miscommunication between Rosen and receiver J.J. Nelson led to the ball being thrown right to Denver’s Chris Harris Jr., who took it 53 yards for a touchdown.“Yeah, we’re having a good time out there,” Davis said. “When everything is clicking like that, it really becomes fun and you really enjoy the game of football.”
Chủ đề: We take a look at the expected   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 29/09/2019 lúc 10:15:19(UTC)
four-year rookie deals the players selected on day three of the draft are projected to earn from the Steelers this offseason."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsSteelers Film Room2018 NFL Draft AnalysisLatest NewsLatest NewsProjected salary cap costs of Steelers 2019 Day 3 draft picksNew Mike Wagner Jersey ,2commentsWe take a look at the expected four-year rookie deals the players selected on day three of the draft are projected to earn from the Steelers this offseason. EDTShareTweetShareShareProjected salary cap costs of Steelers 2019 Day 3 draft picksJasen Vinlove-USA TODAY SportsThe Pittsburgh Steelers selected six more players during day three of the 2019 NFL Draft, adding running back Benny Snell Jr., tight end Zach Gentry, edge rusher Sutton Smith, defensive lineman Isaiah Buggs Mark Barron Jersey , linebacker Ulysees Gilbert III and offensive lineman Derwin Grey over the final four rounds. Unlike the prospects taken in round one, none of the names selected on Saturday will see anywhere near the $19 million contract that Devin Bush is projected to receive as the 10th overall pick this offseason, but all will receive at least $1 million or more from the Steelers if they can make through two years in Pittsburgh. Thanks to a sliding scale for rookie contracts agreed to under the terms of the CBA, each player should already have a good idea of how much being drafted by the Steelers will pay them, and using figures generated by OverTheCap.com Bud Dupree Jersey , we can now also work out how much the they will cost Pittsburgh over the length of their rookie deals as well.With $570,000 the lowest figure currently counting against the team’s cap under the Rule of 51, none of the players taken on day three will have any significant impact on the Steelers cap position this year. Once all of the prospects drafted in 2019 have signed their deals, the only part of their contract that will count against the cap this offseason will be the prorated signing bonus portion of their deal. A figure that should come in at a little over $400,000. A Pittsburgh Steelers player winning player of the week honors has become something of a biweekly affair in 2018 after James Conner was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week on Wednesday for his efforts against the Cleveland Browns in Week 8.Conner rushed for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns from 24 carries on the day and added another 66 yards from 5 receptions. Not only was it his highest single game rushing total of the season Javon Hargrave Jersey , it was also his second best ever receiving total and the first time he recorded more than 200 scrimmage yards in a single game in his career. Having scored two touchdowns in each of his last three games, Conner has set a new record in Pittsburgh, achieving a feat the great Steelers running backs like Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis never managed to do. The Pittsburgh running back becomes the third Steelers player to win a weekly award in 2018. T.J. Watt has won defensive player of weeks honors twice this season, once in Week 1 and again in Week 5, while Ben Roethlisberger won the offensive award in Week 3. Much like they are for Watt Sean Davis Jersey , the Browns must already be Conner’s favorite team to play.Currently third in the NFL in rushing with 599-yards, Conner only sits behind Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams (800) and Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys (619). He is also second in the league with nine rushing touchdowns behind Gurley (11). If he can maintain this pace throughout the remainder of the season, Conner would eclipse Le’Veon Bell’s career best rushing total with the Steelers of 1,361 yards.
Chủ đề: Jay Gruden isn’t handing the starting running back   Xem bài viết cuối
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RICHMOND Cheap Bryce Love Jersey , Va. (AP) job to rookie Derrius Guice.The Washington Redskins coach wants Guice – or someone else – to earn it.How the backfield shakes out is the biggest question the Redskins face as they opentraining camp . Guice, former starter Rob Kelley and 2017 draft pick Samaje Perine are all vying to be the feature back alongside third-down star Chris Thompson at a position the Redskins desperately need improvement from after being fifth-worst in the NFL last season.”It’s a great three-way competition really with Guice, obviously `Fat Rob’ and Samaje,” Gruden said Thursday after the first practice of camp. ”It’s very, very important to let these guys play it out. They’ve all shown flashes of being good football players at the running back position.”No one flashes more potential than Guice, who plummeted in the draft from first-round prospect to Washington in the late second. The LSU product fumbled his first carry of camp but shoulders big expectations and has already made quite the impression on his new teammates.”He’s a stud. He can do it all,” left tackle Trent Williams said. ”He’s one of them guys that every team wants to have. He’s an old-school running back: hard to bring down, runs strong and is extremely fast (at) his size.”Guice should get every opportunity to show he deserves to be the No. 1 running back. He split first-team carries with Perine and Kelley on Thursday, though Gruden expects padded practices to provide a better indication of where the race stands.Kelley came from off the pace to win the starting job as an undrafted rookie during in 2016 and held it last year until knee and ankle injuries ended his season. But with Guice’s buzz and Perine’s pedigree from his time at Oklahoma, Kelley is again an underdog and is perfectly fine with that.”I’ve been there before,” Kelley said. ”I came in as an undrafted guy. It ain’t nothing new to me. It’s just about overcoming it, man. I’m not the first guy it happened to, I’m not going to be the last guy it happens to, so just keep going.”Only one thing is settled with the Redskins’ running back situation: Thompson is entrenched as a crucial run and pass option for an offense that is transitioning from Kirk Cousins to new quarterback Alex Smith. Thompson is coming off knee surgery and will be eased back in to the crowded group.As he deals with the frustration of wanting to be full-go, Thompson looks at the running back corps of Guice, Perine, Kelley, Kapri Bibbs and Byron Marshall and sees an abundance of depth.”It’s ridiculous right now,” Thompson said. ”All the guys bring something to the table. So I’m excited about it. We’ve got a few guys that are those bruiser running backs, and then the other half of the guys are all good route runners and stuff. I’m excited about it. It’s definitely going to bring the best out of us.”Running backs coach Randy Jordan noticed that right away during offseason workouts after Washington drafted Guice. All of a sudden, Guice’s high-energy approach to every snap has forced that sense of urgency for the players looking to hold him off for carries once the season gets underway.”The biggest thing is there’s a lot of competition in this room,” Jordan said last month. ”So when you have that, everything else takes care of itself.”Guice said a rookie minicamp that getting accustomed to new terminology would be the biggest adjustment from the SEC to the NFL. Once he gets that down, he’ll level some of the playing field with Perine and Kelley, thought he doesn’t want to speculate about how big his role might be.”I can’t really predict how me and Chris and Samaje and Kelley and all of us are going to be used,” Guice said. ”However Jay or Randy want to use us, that’s how it’s going to go.”NOTES: LB Zach Brown strained his left quadriceps muscle and was held out of team drills for the remainder of practice. … TE Jordan Reed revealed he had two separate toe surgeries, one on each foot. Reed had a bone removed from each big toe after lingering soreness that has lasted since before training camp a year ago.— Welcome to the squad!"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Looks Like Someone Has A Sixpack Of The MondaysDaily SlopRedskins RecapsEDTShareTweetShareShareRedskins officially sign 8 UDFAsJennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY SportsThe Redskins have made it official with 8 undrafted free agents. We reported all 8 of these signings in our UDFA tracker that started before Round 7 was over. We will have extensive profiles on these players as we gear up for the offseason. These 8 players join the Redskins 10 draft picks on the roster. There were also several UDFAs who were reportedly offered tryouts at Redskins rookie mini-camp.Redskins 2019 UDFAsJuwann Bushell-Beatty, OT, MichiganChidi Okeke, OT Jimmy Moreland Washington Redskins Jersey , Tennessee StateSteven Sims, Jr., WR, KansasTJ Rahming, WR, DukeKano Dillon, TE, OregonRyan Bee, DE, MarshallB.J. Blunt, LB, McNeese StateJoJo McIntosh, DB, WashingtonReported TryoutsKendrick Edwards, WR, Arkansas StateJosh Caldwell, RB, Northwest Missouri StateTaiwan Deal, RB, WisconsinAca’Cedric Ware, RB, USCDon Liotine, RB, Stony BrookCal Daniels, FB, Stony BrookReggie Bain, OL, FAUDeion Harris, CB, North Dakota UniversityThe Redskins also waived 6 players today
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at who could be in and who could be out." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesSilver And Black Pride homepageHorizontal - WhiteSilver And Black Pridean Oakland Raiders communityFollow Silver And Black Pride online:Follow Silver And Black Pride on TwitterFollow Silver And Black Pride on FacebookLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchSilver And Black Pride main menuFanpostsFanshotsRaidersOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Raiders StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Raiders NewsYahoo Raiders Team PageYahoo Raiders ReportYahoo Raiders Depth ChartYahoo Raiders TransactionsYahoo Raiders PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Raiders 53-man roster and practice squad projectionNew Derek Carr Jersey ,321commentsCamp is wrapped so let’s look at who could be in and who could be out.PDTTwo preseason games are in the books. And the Raiders have broken camp and headed back to Alameda to start their preparation for the season. So, with 12 days until the roster is cut down from 90 to 53 players, here’s how I project the Raiders 53-man roster will look come September 1st.QuarterbackIn: Derek Carr, Mike GlennonOut: Nathan PetermanRunning backIn: Josh Jacobs, Keith Smith (FB), Doug Martin, Jalen Richard, DeAndre WashingtonOut: Mack Brown, James Butler, Alec IngoldPractice squad: Alec IngoldWide receiverIn: Antonio Brown, Tyrell Williams, J.J. Nelson, Ryan Grant, Huner Renfrow, Dwayne HarrisOut: Keelan Doss,Keon Hatcher, Marcell Ateman, Rico Gafford, De’Mornay Pierson-ElPractice squad: Keelan Doss, Marcell AtemanTight endIn: Darren Waller, Foster Moreau, Luke WillsonOut: Paul Butler, Derek Carrier, Brandon BarnesPractice squad: Paul ButlerOffensive lineIn: Kolton Miller, Denzelle Good, Rodney Hudson, Gabe Jackson, Trent Brown, Jordan Devey, David Sharpe, Jonathan CooperOut: Brandon Parker, Andre James, Denver Kirkland, Justin Murray, Lester Cotton Sr, Tyler Roemer, Cameron HuntSuspended: Richie Incognito (2 games)Practice squad: Brandon Parker, Andre JamesDefensive lineIn: Clelin Ferrell, Josh Mauro, Maurice Hurst, Johnathan Hankins, Justin Ellis Antonio Brown Jersey , Maxx Crosby, Arden Key, Benson Mayowa, Anthony RushOut: P.J. Hall, Ethan Westbrooks, Quinton Bell, Alex Barrett, Eddie Vanderdoes, Gabe Wright, James CowserPractice squad: P.J. Hall, Quinton BellLinebackerIn: Tahir Whitehead, Vontaze Burfict, Brandon Marshall, Nicholas Morrow, Jason Cabinda, Marquel Lee, Kyle WilberOut: Te’Von Coney, Koa FarmerPractice squad: Te’Von ConeyCornerbackIn: Gareon Conley, Daryl Worley, Lamarcus Joyner, Trayvon Mullen, Nick Nelson, Isaiah JohnsonOut: Keisean Nixon, Isaiah Langley, Dylan Mabin, Joshua HolseyPractice squad: Keisean NixonSuspended: Nevin Lawson (4 games)SafetyIn: Karl Joseph, Johnathan Abram, Curtis Riley, Erik HarrisOut: Jordan Richards, Dallin Leavitt, Markinton DorleantSpecialistsIn: Daniel Carlson, A.J. Cole, Andrew DePaolaOut: Trent Sieg10-man practice squadFB Alec IngoldWR Keelan DossWR Marcell AtemanTE Paul ButlerOT Brandon ParkerC Andre JamesDT PJ HallDE Quinton BellLB Te’Von ConeyCB Keisean NixonFollow @LeviDamien Raider Nation it’s about to go down! What you are about to lay witness to has never been seen before, nor attempted. An improbable crossover event between athlete and a TV personality.And now the moment you all have been waiting for....Derek “White Mamba” Carr vsMax “The Wrapper” KellermanThe quarterback for the Oakland Raiders is fighting mad and Max Kellerman on First Take brought out the eye of the tiger. The IntroductionLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages the mindless entertainment proudly presents to youFighting out of the red corner,The White Mamba stands in at 6 foot 3 inches tall weighing in at 215 pounds. A professional athlete who claims to have dunked on Khalil Mack in pool basketball. Making his octagon debut representing Bakersfield, CA as a member of Team Carr Elite.And his opponent, fighting out of the blue corner,Standing in at 5 foot 11 inches tall, Max the Wrapper hails from New York City, NY. Despite arguing with Stephen A. Smith every morning Amari Cooper Jersey , and having freezing cold First Takes, he sports a winning record in the game of life. An ESPN personality, a Boxing actor, a boxing analyst, and a mixtape legend.The man overseeing the action in the ring is none other than Kellerman’s co-host the one and only Stephen A. Smith.READY, FIGHT!(Max Kellerman’s response on Thursday’s First Take)MAX: “I know what people are looking for, their looking forclap back that’s not what I’m interested in. Carr seems to be upset because he feels his character was impugned.”“Just because you're a tough guy doesn’t mean you're a tough guy every moment of your life. The whole point of bravery, you can't be brave unless you experience fear. Unless there is that fear that danger there is nothing to overcome.“It’s not we who count it’s the players who counts you who count. You’re the quarterback of the of the at the moment the Oakland Raiders. That’s tremendous you make $30M or so dollars a year now I understand that wouldn’t be mad if I said you were the 27th ranked quarterback according to QBR the most sophisticated you know or quickest ranking system. That’s not very good, that’s not exactly earning the money.“What bothers you is that you thought that I was saying something about insight into what you were feeling at the moment. Dude! If I see a guy looks scared in the moment like he doesn’t want contact I infer from that that he didn’t want it. That goes for you that goes for everyone in different moments in time, that doesn’t mean you are a quitter, or you are a scared player, or you haven’t been great in the past or won't be great again but it’s not going to say what I think that is my job.”(Derek Carr appeared on Golic and Wingo)DC: “This man has never talked to me in my entire life.” this man has never worked out with me, never woke up early with me to study, to go and play hurt and all those kinda things.”“You can say whatever you want about performance and all that, that’s his job and I understand thatbut when you start talking about a man’s character, and want to, anddesire now thats a different story and I don’t think there’s anyone holding these guys accountable and they go off on those kinda tangents and so im just someone that loves the truth.” “Again what he just said, what we just listened to, um I have things that can prove that wrong but I’m not into that. I got love for the guy, but at the same time that doesn’t mean you can’t be held accountable when you just are completely wrong about someones desire or want to.”“I love Oakland. I love our team. I’ve never done anything but give our city my very best, and that’s something that I had a problem with, and I don’t think that that’s alright. I don’t think there’s a place for that.”“But when you start talking about a man’s character especially when you don’t know him or haven’t been around him that’s a little different.”“Im just someone that loves the truth.”“I absolutely did [reaching out to Max and First Take] and again somebody told me I think it was late last night that I got invited to on twitter and all that kinda stuff and basically after I said what I said, I was done with it.“I said look, this is where I stand. I don’t need to be talking to y’all. this what it is....Im not going to waste my time going down there.”(Stephen A Smith on First Take)SAS: “First of all he went on [Mike] Golic and [Trey] Wingo and highlighted what Max said. Questioning his character.“I will meet up with Derek Carr anytime, anyway, anywhere to discuss what his career has been. And since he said he loves facts, Derek Carr said he loves facts let me give them to you: He’s ranked 27/33 quarterbacks in the National Football League this year, with a 48.9 QBR. Passer Rating ranked 18th out of 33, In his five years in the NFL he’s had 4 losing seasons. He’s had one, he broke his fibula, I recall both me and Max acknowledging this dude is in line to win MVP before he went down, with that broken fibula, we acknowledge that. “But since that moment you haven’t been that damn impressive.”Pick sixes, interceptions, under thrown balls, throwing balls in the ground, needed eight yards for a first down throwing for three yards, making questionable decisions, starting off the season 1-8 those are facts. Now according to Derek Carr, he should love me, because I gave facts.“Everyone has been talking about how the Oakland Raiders have come up short.”“You want the truth? I observe you getting paid top dollar not doing your job and you’re offended by our verbiage? But you want permission to beat us up?”
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The field was inhorrible shape. The Broncos Jake Butt Jersey , by and large, were disinterested. The game was a foregone conclusion. The Broncos have now lost to three teams this season who, most likely, will be drafting before us in 2019. Let that sink in. The Jets (4-11) have to play at New England so there is a 95% chance they finish 4-12. The 49ers (4-11) have to play at the Rams - which is likely a loss and the Raiders (4-11) have to play at Kansas City. Barring a minor miracle, they will all finish at 4-12. I don’t feel like researching that, but I’d wager that it doesn’t happen often (if at all) that a team with a losing record loses to three teams in the same season who all finish worse than they do. The first down run defense was pretty good again this game. The Faiders ran for 42 yards on13 first down carries (4.0 ypc). Only one carry went for more than 10 (11 yards) and we had four stops for no gain on first down runs. While the first down run D was stout, the defense on third and long was ok. The Faiders had six 3rd & long situations and they converted on two of them. For the season the Broncos have now allowed conversion on 33 of 109 3rd and long situations - 30.3% which is 22nd in the league. ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) — The Denver Broncos will try to replicate their energy and emotion from their 45-10 blowoutof the Arizona Cardinals so they don’t fall into the same morass they did the last time they ran up the score on an overwhelmed opponent.They walloped the Dallas Cowboys 42-17 in Week 2 last season.They then won just five of their next 20 games, suffering through a franchise-worst eight-game skid last year and a four-game losing streak this season that had general manager John Elway reprising his “soft” label for a deficient defense and spurring fans to call for coach Vance Joseph’s job.Then, on a short week, the Broncos (3-4) backed up Von Miller’s smack talk and outclassed the Cardinals (1-6) just as their superstar linebacker had promised, flipping the script maybe on what had been a soured season.Miller’s message was actually directed at his own shaken team in hopes of restoring its swagger.“It’s not even like me,” Miller said, “But I thought it was the best thing to do to get my teammates going.”Miller first asked if his teammates had his back.“We said, ‘Yeah, we got you. Go ahead and say it,'” said cornerback Bradley Roby. “When he put it out there, it put confidence in this team and I think it brought the best out of us.”It sure brought the best out of Roby, a former first-round pick who had struggled in his first season as a starter opposite star Chris Harris Jr ., who had a pick-6 Thursday night along with linebacker Todd Davis .Roby gave up three long touchdowns against the Jets two weeks ago, then failed to follow protocol for a sick day the next morning.Against the Cardinals, Roby broke up four passes and recorded his first interception of the season.“He really played well yesterday,” Joseph said. “For this defense to work, the corners have to play well. Chris has played well the entire season.”Another former first-rounder who was also struggling, left tackle Garett Bolles Andy Janovich Jersey , played his best game against Arizona and wasn’t whistled for any flags after drawing an NFL-high six holding calls going in.Roby and Bolles hadn’t been benched like right guard Connor McGovern was last week because the Broncos lack depth at cornerback and tackle. So, Joseph was left to let Roby and Bolles work out their difficulties in the glare of the game.“I thought Bolles played one of his best games of the year,” Joseph said, praising Bolles’ work blocking pass rusher Chandler Jones.The Broncos have a long weekend now to relish their slump-busting victory before getting ready for their rematch with the Chiefs , who rallied for a 27-23 victory in Denver three weeks ago.“Like Coach Joseph said, in this league, when you lose you feel like you’re never going to win again and when you win, you feel like you’re never going to lose again,” receiver Emmanuel Sanders said. “It’s one of those situations we can build off.“Obviously, you all heard about Von’s ‘We’re going to kick their’ you-know-the-word. We went out and did it and it feels good,” said Sanders, who both threw and caught a TD pass against Arizona . “Now we got 10 or 11 days until we go out to Kansas City. We’ll just sit back, watch some football over the weekend feeling confident in yourself. Hopefully, we can keep building off this.”As for Miller, he doesn’t anticipate issuing a similar warning next week when the Broncos visit Arrowhead.“Honestly, it wasn’t even for the Cardinals; it was for my teammates,” said Miller, who collected two strip sacks of rookie Josh Rosen. “It was just to put us in that mentality, no backing down now. I think we have a great football team. We have great leadership. We have a great GM, great owner, great coaches, and we have great players.“I just thought what we were missing is the confidence part of it.”That’s been restored in a big way.Notes: Joseph said RB Royce Freeman (ankle) and WR/PR DaeSean Hamilton (knee) were day to day but S Darian Stewart (neck), who sustained his third stinger in three weeks, may be out a while. … Joseph said CB Adam Jones (thigh) should return this week and OLB Shane Ray (ankle) and RT Jared Veldheer (knee) are day to day.
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the season were enough to believe the Seattle Seahawks might not compete in the NFC West Lamarcus Joyner Jersey , especially after they failed to reach the playoffs last season.But after a 27-3 dismantling of the Oakland Raiders on Sunday at Wembley Stadium, quarterback Russell Wilson believes the Seahawks are back on track."We're fired up about what we can do and where we're going," Wilson said after throwing three touchdown passes. "It is one game. One game doesn't matter. You look at the journey. You look ahead. On a tough, tough challenge, coming all the way to London, I thought our coaches and our organization prepared us in the best way possible to be ready to roll."Only 11 percent of teams that started the season 0-2 have made the playoffs since the NFL adopted the current divisional format in 2002. The Seahawks had not missed the playoffs with Wilson since drafting him in 2012, and they had not opened with consecutive losses under his watch, either.The Los Angeles Rams again appear the class of the division, and the Seahawks believe they took enough lessons from their 33-31 home defeat on Oct. 7 to prepare for a challenge.And, after evening their record at 3-3 on Sunday, they are ready to return from their bye week with success in sight."Our goal was to get back to .500 before the bye week and we accomplished that, so we've got a bye week coming up, a good time to rest up Brandon LaFell Jersey , and we've got to come back and get ready for the next stretch," wide receiver Jaron Brown said.Here are other things we leaned following Seattle's victory over Oakland:CARR INSURANCERaiders quarterback Derek Carr was sacked six times by the Seahawks and injured his left arm when being tackled by Jarran Reed with 8:52 remaining, though coach Jon Gruden said Carr would have been able to return to the game had Seattle not run down the clock.That doesn't change the fact that the Raiders have significant questions to address with regards to their offensive line, especially with left guard Kelechi Osemele inactive with a knee injury and his replacement, Jon Feliciano, unable to return after injuring his ribs in the second quarter."We're going to have to do the best we can to find five men that can collectively pass protect much better, and that's what we will do," Gruden said.The Raiders (3-3) will also have to confront doubts about their special teams, too, after rookie kicker Matt McCrane missed a field goal for the fourth time in the last five games in the second quarter and rookie punter Johnny Townsend averaged 30.7 yards on his three punts, including one that traveled 27 yards and another that went only 28 yards.A LASTING LEGACYSeahawks strong safety Bradley McDougald, who was responsible for the helmet-to-helmet hit that gave Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper a concussion in the second quarter, said he wants his secondary to live up to the "Legion of Boom" days under Richard Sherman Lee Smith Jersey , Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas."The standard's been set," McDougald said. "The best thing about it is, we've been there with those guys. We're not a new group of guys who just heard about these guys before we got here and we're trying to live up to a hype that we've never seen. No. We were there with these same guys last year. We played underneath these guys. We watched how they prepared. We watched how seriously they took the game and brought their passion to the field and we're just trying to replicate that."ONE FOR THE FUTUREDaryl Worley and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie were the Raiders' starting cornerbacks after Rashaan Melvin and Gareon Conley held that responsibility the first five games.Gruden was particularly impressed with Worley, who notably allowed a 42-yard reception to Doug Baldwin in the third quarter before intercepting Wilson just shy of the goal line on the next play."Worley is a good player," Gruden said. "Worley is going to be a starter here. He's a guy that's really established himself as a true corner for the Raiders."QUOTABLEReed on the Seahawks' defense repeatedly sacking Carr: "It's like blood in the water. It's like a shark. If you're smelling blood, you've got to go get it. We're just hungry, man." Guaranteed prize pool tournaments on FanDuel and DraftKings have become a strategic focus for daily fantasy players at the same time the NFL becomes more of a passing league.With scoring up, a strategy of stacking — pairing a QB with his pass-catchers — has shown to be the best way to win big tournaments. Winning lineups last week featured Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky (300-plus passing yards, 2 passing TDs, 80-plus rushing yards and a rushing TD) paired with tight end Trey Burton and running back Tarik Cohen. Many of the top lineups also featured another running back from the same game, as New England Patriots RB James White had eight catches and two receiving touchdowns with nearly 100 all-purpose yards.The traditional method of stacking in daily fantasy tournaments has leaned on pairing a quarterback with a wide receiver or tight end. But the modern NFL has shown pass-catching backs to be valuable components of stacks. Using DailyRoto’s daily fantasy lineup optimizer we are able to identify a few unconventional stacks that focus on QB and pass-catching RB targets.OAKLAND: QB Derek Carr plus RB Jalen Richard and WR Jordy Nelson or TE Jared CookRichard ranks 12th in the NFL in market share of targets this year, receiving 16.3 percent of all Oakland passing targets despite playing on just 35 percent of snaps this season. With Marshawn Lynch injured, Richard and Doug Martin will receive elevated playing time and with Amari Cooper traded to Dallas it is Richard that will see an expanded role and benefit even more in PPR formats. Oakland is projected to be playing from behind as a 3-point underdog at home and the game flow should leave Richard on the field. DailyRoto has Richard projected for 15 percent of his team’s targets and a top 5 value at the position.The stack of Carr-Richard-Nelson or Carr-Richard-Cook will cost you less than $15 Frostee Rucker Jersey ,000 of total salary cap on DraftKings, provides top 5 values at each position and allows you to spend up at other positions.LOS ANGELES RAMS: QB Jared Goff plus RB Todd Gurley and WR Robert Woods or WR Brandin CooksThe Rams have a 32 1/2-point implied team total in the betting markets and Las Vegas expects either the Rams or Chiefs to finish as the highest scoring individual team. Gurley is on pace for 32 touchdowns this season, which would break the current record of 31, and already has three receiving touchdowns and 270 yards through the air. Gurley is averaging five targets per game and has a steady receiving floor.If Goff is going to pay off his price tag ($8,500 on FanDuel and $6,000 on DraftKings) and win daily fantasy tournaments he will need to throw for 300-plus yards and generate three or more touchdowns. If he is to do that it will likely go through Gurley, Woods and Brandin Cooks. Cooper Kupp’s status for the Sunday matchup with the Packers is still on the unlikely side and if he sits, DailyRoto has Woods and Cooks projected to split 50 percent of the passing targets. Unlike last week’s matchup with the 49ers, when the Rams were able to take their foot off the gas in the second half, Sean McVay will want to keep the pressure on to stay ahead of Aaron Rodgers. Woods and Cooks are projected to top 180 yards receiving and can be stacked either together or with Gurley to generate tournament-winning upside.

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