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Chủ đề: Shop Air Jordan 1 High OG Gym Red on jordans2019shoes   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 14/06/2019 lúc 07:52:20(UTC)
The various colors of the Air Jordan 1 are popular throughout 2018, and this year's new product launch is still in full swing. Recently, a new color matching network, Air Jordan 1 High OG Gym Red looks very similar to the "No Resale" of last year's fire! The ban on resale of the Air Jordan 1 at the end of last year has caused a lot of attention from the players. Although the Air Jordan 1's attention has declined as the weather gets hot, it is undeniable that these classic sneakers are still very popular. Earlier today, a set of Air Jordan 1 "Gym Red" photos were posted on the Internet. Let's take a look! The overall design is in classic three-color black, white and red. Because it is similar to the color scheme that prohibits resale, many netizens have given this color a nickname "No Resale 2.0".

In order to call for equality, Nike will launch the “Equality” series of shoes every year, which has been loved by many shoe players. A pair of distinctive Nike Air Force 1 will be available soon in the recent series. The Nike Air Force 1 EQUALITY is based on the classic white Nike Air Force 1. The bold Equality graffiti is printed on the midsole of the sneakers. The pure black font contrasts with the white upper, giving a strong visual impact. The sole is transparent and is also printed with eye-catching Equality lettering, which is more distinctive than the midsole design. For those who love white shoes, but do not want to hit the shoes, it is a very good choice.

The anti-hook launched last month Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 is definitely one of the most aggressive sneakers in the near future. Invisibly, the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low, which debuted in the second half of the year, has become even more eye-catching. Recently, overseas media and sneaker players have exposed the latest physical and foot-up photos of these shoes. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Dark Mocha is no stranger to the design. It is made of brown and black suede. The anti-hook Swoosh uses white leather, which still gives a strong contrast! The inside of the sneaker is printed with red "Cactus Jack" label embellishment and embellished with iconic cartoon face embroidery at the heel. One insole with the reverse font of Travis Scott's name, with a grimace pattern, and the other with the "Cactus Jack" label and the Jordan Brand logo, highlights the special, so many details of the pair, so that the pair The joint shoes look sincere.
Chủ đề: Air Jordan 11 Bred 2019 Will Release this Year   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 07/06/2019 lúc 07:33:25(UTC)
At the end of each year, when the Air Jordan 11 shoe shines, this year is no exception! After welcoming last year's Concord, the styles to be brought at the end of this year are equally classic. The Bulls' black and red color Air Jordan 11 "Bred" will be set on December 14th, which will set off a wave of ultra-shoes for the end of 2019. climax"! Although the Air Jordan 11 Bred 2019 is still half a year away from the official release, the recent heavyweights have also ushered in the early exposure of the real thing. As can be seen from the current circulated pictures, basically reproduce the many details of the OG model, followed by the number of the original commercially available version 23 LOGO. The eye-catching black patent leather, the eye-catching red Jumpman flying embroidery, everything is so familiar and classic.

Commemorating Michael Jordan's memorable three-time championship record, while paying tribute to his three scoring titles and three Finals MVP titles, Jordan Brand created this "Reflections of A" based on three "Champion Boots" Champion" suit. Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 7 and Air Jordan 8 are all wearing a silver-gray upper, and the 3M reflective material of the full upper makes this series not only have a good science fiction effect, but also in low light environment. The reflective effect is even harder to avoid! The whole body of the 3M reflective shoes has always been the love of the sneaker players, inadvertently eye-catching, will bring surprises to passers-by in an instant. These three new products are also extremely fine in color matching design. The selection and use of the matching color are quite new. They have the familiar atmosphere of OG classics, and they are extraordinarily calm and versatile.

2019 Mens Jordans,After the first color match to pay tribute to Kobe's draft day, the first re-enactment of the Nike Kobe 4 Protro has brought back a number of classic Mamba colors. In addition to the recent return of Del Sol and Carpe Diem color matching, it is reported recently that another classic OG color matching is also likely to return, that is, the Olympic gold color matching that appeared in 2009! Under the familiar USA National Team atmosphere, this gold color scheme is presented in gold tones on the toe, upper and heel TPU. It is gorgeous but has a good visual balance. It should be a pair of pretty looking shoes.
Chủ đề: 2019 UNDEFEATED x adidas Ultra Boost is available now   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 31/05/2019 lúc 07:23:41(UTC)
2019 Mens Jordans exposed a new Air Jordan 1 product, which attracted many players' attention and recently released a new physical picture. Air Jordan 1 First Class Flight uses white as the base for the upper, complemented by lemon yellow to detail, and the inner and outer Swoosh of the shoe body is designed with yin and yang. The details of the heel and upper are printed with eye-catching barcodes. In combination with the color name “First Class Flight”, the design inspiration should be derived from the boarding pass of the aircraft. The body of the shoe is made of perforated leather, which looks like the texture is not used. I believe that once it is released, it will be loved by many small partners.

Among the recent joint shoes, UNDEFEATED x adidas Ultra Boost is the most anticipated one. Tomorrow is finally about to be released, bringing a group of the latest top-notch pictures in advance, and I believe that you want to buy more. Inspired by the American Stars and Stripes, the upper is made of pure white mesh material, red and blue contrast laces and UNDEFEATED Logo add a trend to the shoes. The heel ribbon is embellished with the American flag pattern, echoing the theme again. Prints and tongues Logo All use 3M reflective material to create a dazzling visual effect under the illumination of the light.

Although as early as 2017, adidas first exposed the 4D sole technology that was created in collaboration with Carbon Technology. However, due to the capacity problem, it has not been widely sold, which has led to the mystery of this cushioning technology. However, just a week ago, adidas installed 5 pairs of ALPHAEDGE 4D running shoes on the official website, which greatly increased your chances of starting the original price. Adidas ALPHAEDGE 4D's iconic Primeknit sock body with a high-performance horse rubber outsole, the performance of this pair of running shoes is naturally no more worry. In addition, back to 4D cushioning technology, it is not as soft as Boost cushioning, but it provides excellent cushioning and support formation. It definitely guarantees that you will not feel sore when you walk for a long time and run.
Chủ đề: University Blue Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Release Soon   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 25/05/2019 lúc 06:23:35(UTC)
Last year, Virgil Abloh sent a photo of his new blue version of Off-Whitex Nike Air Force 1 in his Instagram account, which led to a lot of discussion, and then there was news about the University Blue Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 shoes will be a special limited item for Virgil Abloh to hold exhibitions at the Cigar Contemporary Art Museum this year, so the number may not be too much, and the difficulty of starting it can be quite high, in the resale market. The price is bound to rise.

Recently, 2019 Mens Jordans has exposed the whole picture of this pair of shoes in his IG Story. The signature shoe design and the conspicuous blue color matching with the silver Swoosh Logo are also a successful work. At the same time, Virgil wrote the words "For Serena Only", "Virgil 2019" and "Air Williams" on the shoes with his own skills. It turned out to be the first gift to Nike tennis player Serena Williams. .

Previously, we have brought you the release of YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Antlia and the spy photos of the shoes. This time, the Instagram account hanzuying unveiled the full details of the whole shoe, from which we can see that the upper is also made with Primeknit weaving. The overall color is darker than the same "Glow In Dark", and the iconic translucent brush strips and reflective lace system on the side of the shoe are also the highlights.
Chủ đề: 2019 Nike Air Force 1 Red Will Release Soon   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 17/05/2019 lúc 08:00:18(UTC)
Years ago, Nike Air Yeezy 2 red color distribution, set off a red wave, attracted many shoes to follow suit, still has a profound impact on the sneaker circle. A pair of Nike Air Force 1 Red has continued this design style with a new color matching shoe. Choose the high-top Air Force 1 shoe, which is decorated in red and decorated with black only on the outsole and heel. Exaggerated large-area red design makes people shine.

The return of the blue snake and the pink snake Air Jordan 11 Low has set off a wave of serpentine elements. The white snake that will be on sale at the weekend is believed to have a lot of powder absorption. Recently, there is a new physical illustration. Let us look at the Air together. Air Jordan 11 Low Light Bone The black and white snakeskin texture replaces the traditional patent leather material. The body of the shoe is made of pure white leather, which is delicate and soft. Finally, it is finished with a creamy white jelly outsole. The shape is outstanding and the texture is full. The low-cut style is more friendly to friends with thick calves, and is more suitable for summer wear, and will definitely become a pair of high-profile shoes.

2019 Sneakers Release ,Recently the Nike Presto a classic shoe that has been co-branded with OFF-WHITE and is known by more people, has a stunning attitude. The classic upper design is matched with the popular React cushioning technology sole, which is a good news for running shoes lovers. . Now this hot combination of shoes has ushered in a new member, different from the more vivid color combinations introduced before, this time with a light brown color design, to meet the different needs of the fans. The shoe continuation of the integrated body and TPU frame design, the central Swoosh continues the classic Presto upper design. The midsole uses the full palm React cushioning technology, which is softer and more comfortable than the previous version.

Chủ đề: New Air Jordan 1 Retro High Pink Green is Coming Soon   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 11/05/2019 lúc 07:57:26(UTC)
Air Jordan 1 recently ushered in a girl's exclusive color matching shoes, built with 9-hole shoes, coupled with the pleasing pink color, I believe it will be favored by many people. The New Air Jordan 1 Retro High body is presented in pink, black and green. The color is matched with the black toe design. It is matched with a special glossy leather material for eye-catching and textured. The color of the girl's heart is full, I believe it will also gain a lot of popularity.

Men Air Shoes,Recently a new color matching LeBron 16 was first exposed. The Nike LeBron 16 Lakers is dressed in the Lakers' signature purple gold color scheme. The purple upper is matched with the yellow tongue. The overall tone is textured in a candy color and very soft. The heel is very special, and the cyan leather is filled with the year the Lakers win the championship, which is very harmonious with the tone of the shoes. In detail, the left and right feet are decorated with 2,3 digital decorations, decorated with a crown logo of the fleece material, and the insole is also printed with the Lakers Logo.

After the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Static” reflective and full-reflective color matching released last year, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 officially entered the era of side-by-side. In the area that was released in March this year, three unique color schemes have given the fans a new Yeezy temperament that is different from the past. This month, the eye-catching Yeezy Boost 350 V2 GID is coming soon. This will also be the first time to add luminous elements after the Yeezy Boost 750. The midsole profile of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 itself has a very graceful curve, and now it is more ghostly and graceful with the backdrop of fluorescent effects. Not only that, but the original color of these shoes is also very eye-catching. With a fluorescent green apple, dress up the upper and Boost midsole with a caramel-colored side mesh. The overall appearance of a bright candy color style, these shoes exude a special vitality, very suitable for summer wear.
Chủ đề: Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike Air VaporMax 2019   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 04/05/2019 lúc 07:40:19(UTC)
During this year's Air Max Day, Nike announced the joint shoes of the four brands, including Air Max 2 Light designed by Tokyo's famous insole atmos, Air Max 97/Haven by Hong Kong brand CLOT, and New York clothing brand Heron. Preston's specially presented Air Max 720/95 custom option, as well as the last pair of Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike Air VaporMax 2019, and HYPEBEAST is the first to bring you the details of the mystery shoe. CPFM chose to start with the Air VaporMax 2019, which debuted this year, and is decorated with stylish uppers, including green Swoosh on the outside of the shoe, "JUST DO IT" on the inside, and a yellow "smiley" pattern on the heel. , redefining the aesthetic style of VaporMax and also conveying the fearless attitude of Just Do It.

2019 Sneakers Release ,Because Michael Jordan is the owner of the team, Charlotte Hornets has been working closely with Jordan Brand, and this team's official foundation has released two pairs of Air Jordan 1 designed by MJ for charity auctions. It is reported that the black and white pairs of shoes are only 300 pairs in total, and the design is made of high-grade leather material to make the shoe body, supplemented by the plaid detail to add a sense of luxury, in addition to the NBA "five-star" pendant with the "Hive" element. The tongue also features a special "crown" logo consisting of M characters.

The edgy Nike retro basketball shoes Nike Air More Uptempo has always been loved by street people, and this time Nike released a pair of the latest camouflage version of the shoe. The design uses black lychee to create a high-profile silhouette, while the classic "AIR" logo on the side is infused with camouflage nylon. The white embroidery Swoosh is also visually contrasted with the black upper. Finally, the classic Air-Sole air cushion is used. The outsole is presented.
Chủ đề: Shop Best Price Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 on Cadysneakers   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 28/04/2019 lúc 06:47:20(UTC)
In recent years, Nike has been exploring how to play classic shoes, such as the OFF-WHITE x Nike series with deconstructed design and the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 with anti-hook. Nike brings an Air Max 1 with a reverse element, but this time it's not just that the hook is so simple, even the uppers are reversed inside and out! The Nike Air Max 1 Inside Out is styled in grey and light khaki, built using Air Max 1 traditional mesh and suede. The leather lap and suture hidden in the shoe body are reversed to the outside to become a visible element. In terms of detail, the Nike, which is commonly found on the inside of the tongue, and the outside of the Nike exchanged positions, and the Nike Air Logo on the heel was also flipped horizontally.

Men Air Shoes will be officially released on April 30th and the LeBron Watch family will welcome new members again. Inheriting SuperBron's "Superman" theme, this Nike LeBron 16 SB Remix is particularly pleasing in terms of color matching. The simple presentation of black and white two-color creates a familiar "panda" temperament, and the red and gold lining of the details brings a festive and gorgeous feeling, which makes people's eyes shine and greatly enhances the eye-catching effect.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Patta, a well-known street brand from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has been co-branded with Nike for many times. With its unique style, it has become the benchmark for joint design in recent years. The news of the upcoming joint venture with Jordan Brand must be the focus of everyone's recent attention. The Patta x Air Jordan 7 has also been exposed. Today, the multi-angle complete physical object is finally fully exposed, and the details of the shoe body, accessories and packaging are all at a glance. Crafted from dark brown nubuck leather and light khaki premium leather, with burgundy inner boots, it is full of luxury and full of luxury. The multi-color collision midsole is embellished with Patta text graffiti, and the heel soles also show TEAMPATTA. While demonstrating the joint status of both parties, it also shows unique and unique specifications. Accessories and packaging are also quite unique, and the Jumpman Logo on the tag extends beyond the square border to create an exaggerated style. The shoe cover is printed with a shoe design rendering, and the side is an oversized Patta font logo that highlights the unique specifications.
Chủ đề: Shop Alexander Wang x adidas Originals Bball Soccer   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 23/04/2019 lúc 07:38:39(UTC)
The joint cooperation between Alexander Wang and adidas Originals is sold out every time. Now, the new products of the fifth season are coming, and they will be released globally! In front of this pair of Alexander Wang x adidas Originals Bball Soccer inspired by adidas classic football shoes, soft leather texture creates a quaint retro atmosphere! In detail, the adidas lettering and the clover logo on the tongue and heel are extended by the personality and integrity of the Alexander Wang collaboration series. The back-up stabilizer is embellished with a unique signature print, and the thick outsole is infused with a soft Boost material for a double upgrade of style and comfort!

Last year, Nike React Element 87 was born in the form of a black horse. Not only was Guanxi repeatedly on the foot, but also favored by UNDERCOVER, creating a multi-double joint color. In the hearts of the sneaker players, these shoes are also very suitable for the positioning of the spring and summer feet, the flap body can not only propose the color of the breathability, the inner socks can be revealed. React in the Nike lineup also provides a good sense of foot, moderate hardness, and will not feel sore for a long walk. The color scheme is very pleasing, and under the collision of yellow, green and brown, it creates a rich retro atmosphere and at the same time brings full vitality.

As early as last year, AMBUSH x Nike Air Max 180 has been the focus of players, but has not been officially released. I know that I have recently announced the domestic sales information, which will be released this Friday. The official website link has been launched. AMBUSH x Nike Air Max 180 combines the classic design of Peyton Gloves Boots, exaggerated boots and black zipper. The temperament of the function is undoubted. The black and white models are launched this time, which is very high street style. The orange insole presents the joint name logo, and the sole uses the classic Air Max 180 cushioning technology. The foot feel is worth looking forward to! When talking about the design inspiration of these shoes, Yoon revealed that “Air Max 180 is the first pair of shoes she bought with her own money”, so she has a special liking for this shoe type.
Chủ đề: Buy Air Jordan 1 Mid on Cadysneakers   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 18/04/2019 lúc 09:02:29(UTC)
Today, the Air Jordan 1 is almost a must-have item for the hipsters. The original Air Jordan 1 Mid series has also been sought after by more sneaker players. The new Air Jordan 1 Mid is made of pure white, with Swoosh and black at the tongue, and a red heel. It's a classic Chicago match, but unlike the previous ones, this shoe has increased the white ratio and reduced the size. The ratio of red to black makes the whole pair of shoes cleaner and fresher.

2019 Mens Jordans,Nike ACG is the abbreviation for All Conditions Gear, originally designed for athletes engaged in extreme sports such as rock climbing and mountain biking. Known for its outdoor function style, the new ACG React Terra Gobe will be available on the official website. The design of the entire pair of shoes still has powerful outdoor functions. The upper is made of four-way elastic anti-fracture material and has water resistance. In addition, the extended heel lift and the lace turntable on the tongue make the shoe very easy to put on and take off. This time, the Nike React midsole is also equipped. Compared with the previous shoes, it retains the original performance while reducing the weight and greatly enhancing the comfort. Become a pair of all-around shoes that can walk and hike in the park. One pair of shoes has a yellow body, black straps, and a purple lining. It is also full of fashion when it has both performance and performance. Even in everyday wear, there is no problem. The other pair of shoes is blue upper. With black accents, it is more calm, and the heel is dotted with the popular 3M reflective elements to enhance recognition.

2019 Sneakers Release,Since the establishment of Nike, if the Air Max series is the master of Nike, then the Huarache series has an insurmountable position in the hearts of sneaker players. With a comfortable foot and a versatile temperament, you can wear it on any occasion, whether it is fitness, running or shopping. It is a good choice. This year, Nike also brought new members to the Huarache family, and the Huarache Edge, which is more inclined to go out on the streets, is born. And a new color that has recently been exposed, definitely meets all the needs of your spring and summer wear. The black body is paired with a white midsole, the most common and versatile design. The middle part of the shoe is decorated with blue, pink and yellow, full of vitality. The mesh structure usually used on the upper is replaced with a new leather material, which is then matched with three plastic plates on the upper body to enhance the overall texture of more than one level.

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