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Chủ đề: floor market has experienced   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 18/05/2018 lúc 03:20:57(UTC)
<p>combination of the model,<a href='http://ccsolidrock.org/wpc-flooring/34018-advantages-of-composite-wall.html'>advantages of composite wall</a> the home building materials industry to bring the best partners for the majority of consumers to provide rest assured that the service, but also solemnly promised Provide consumers with a 5% consumer subsidy for most floor products. small modernhousedesign with rooftop deckChaoshang Mall’s e-commerce business was first launched in Jiangsu. Consumers purchased floor products from more than 200 physical stores in 13 prefecture-level cities in </p>
<p>Jiangsu province through Chaoshang Mall.<a href='http://vtext.mobi/composite/298-portable-deck-with-stair-kit-in-a-box.html'>portable deck with stair kit in a box</a> They can all receive subsidies through pre-acquisitioned Chaoshang Mall subsidy code. . This time, Chao Shang Mall brought many front-line floor brands collectively back online, and directly created two untidy brands of "Quality" and "Service" for the home e-commerce.can you put some kind of decking on a decking over the wood The "Online orders, offline transactions and payment, website subsidy" The innovative service model can bring a brand new </p>
<p>consumer experience to consumers. For the product quality,<a href='http://vtext.mobi/composite/28096-composite-porch-railings-8ft-white.html'>composite porch railings 8ft white</a> Chao Shang Mall invited China's authoritative quality inspection agency National Board and wood and bamboo products quality supervision and inspection center as the quality inspection agency for the floor products of Chaoshang Mall. veranda vinyl fencing for deck privacyThrough a third-party authority, consumers have once again become "insured."</p>
Chủ đề: floor market has experienced   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 18/05/2018 lúc 09:27:34(UTC)
<p>Manufacturers continue to increase prices,<a href='http://javaexpress.biz/eco-floor/779-semi-inground-pool-with-deck.html'>semi inground pool with deck</a> giving great pressure to floor manufacturers, for profit margins are already very meager manufacturers, some have reached the limit of compression, once coupled with the market outside the environment there are signs of trouble,how to install fence picket fence boards small and medium-sized brands are difficult to sustain.On April 12th, a number of first-tier flooring brands such as David Flooring, Nature Floor, Jiusheng Floor, Beautiful </p>
<p>Island Floor, Shengda Floor, Living Home Flooring,<a href='http://javaexpress.biz/wpc-deck/5660-used-composite-fence.html'>used composite fence</a> and Yangtse Floor (in alphabetical order) were brought together. Shang Shang Mall launch conference was held in Nanjing. Wang Man, Executive Chairman of China Forest Products Industry Association, Xia Chunsheng,taskers laminate flooring Director of Jiangsu Forestry Bureau, Ye Kelin, Chairman of Flooring Professional Committee of China Forest Products Industry Association, Zhang Dezhi, Deputy </p>
<p>Director of Consumer Guidance Department of China Consumers Association,<a href='http://javaexpress.biz/wpc-deck/4675-wood-composite-panel-thailand.html'>wood composite panel thailand</a> and National Quality Supervision and Inspection of Wood-based Panels and Wood Products Director Lu Bin and other industry experts gathered to celebrate the birth of a new e-commerce model in the flooring industry.12 x 20 deck cost It is reported that Chao Shang Mall will provide online shopping platform for the majority of consumers through the online and offline </p>
Chủ đề: wood flooring from the product   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 17/05/2018 lúc 03:25:37(UTC)
<p>long-term development.” One floor dealer told reporters,<a href='http://javaexpress.biz/eco-floor/5782-advantages-of-engineered-wood-fences.html'>advantages of engineered wood fences</a> “If companies want to In order to achieve long-term development, we still have to rely on our own brands to win, as is the case with several major brands in the flooring industry today, and the brand effect has given them a huge potential consumer group.interlocking composite wood deck tilesTo do a good brand, promotion is particularly important, floor brand integration It will be the strategic focus of the Year of the </p>
<p>Rabbit business.The flooring industry needs brand flooring industry is still in the initial stage of industry integration.The flooring industry has four hundred or fifty billion "cake",<a href='http://javaexpress.biz/eco-floor/3195-tanguile-wood-planks.html'>tanguile wood planks</a> but there are four or five thousand enterprises.If the situation is very good Prosperous, each company has its own living space,subway tile board panels integration is more difficult, only when the economy is in adversity, when we feel very cold, there will be some such opportunities. From the </p>
<p>beginning of the financial crisis,<a href='http://javaexpress.biz/composite/5902-how-do-you-glue-synthetic-decking-boards-to-wood.html'>how do you glue synthetic decking boards to wood</a> it should be said that for China Some small and medium-sized enterprises, especially those who usually pay attention to the production process but do not pay much attention to brand building The pressure caused by the development of enterprises and the Internet is very large.homebase laminate floor threshold stripsSome companies have no way to operate, they can only withdraw from the market, this is an integration opportunity created by </p>
Chủ đề: exclusively issue floor consumption warnings   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 16/05/2018 lúc 07:21:42(UTC)
<p>enterprises, but also caused "fake and inferior products" to flood.<a href='http://videoworthy.org/cheap-flooring/15262-louver-hardware-system-for-decks-fences-pergolas.html'>louver hardware system for decks fences pergolas</a> It is also learned that in 2005, the total sales volume of the Chinese wooden floor market was about 150 million square meters, and the market has become saturated. Therefore, composite deck bargains cheap wholesale closeoutsome experts pointed out at the beginning of this year that the price war in the flooring industry may intensify in 2006 and believe that prices Warfare and counterfeit products come together. We use </p>
<p>the laminate flooring as an example to demonstrate this point of view.<a href='http://rsservices.org/green-decking/6375-fixing-exterior-tongue-and-groove-porch-decking.html'>fixing exterior tongue and groove porch decking</a> In recent years, the market share of “five inferior plates” has been as high as 30% to 40%, and they mainly rely on false propaganda and low price temptations to attract consumers.naturesort bamboo composite deck tiles 8 slat In addition, the laminate flooring technology has a high content of technology, the process is complex, and the evaluation index project More often than not, consumers are difficult to </p>
<p>visually identify product quality and performance and fall into low-cost traps.<a href='http://zenrabbit.org/cheap-floor/4525-balcony-flooring-toronto.html'>balcony flooring toronto</a> Because these inferior plates are difficult to visually recognize, it is often "200,000 rpm" that can't withstand 200 rpm, and "30-year warranty" can't be guaranteed for 3 months.best states manufacturer of wood plastic in japan Not only does it make consumers suffer, but it also deteriorates. Strengthen the image of "high-quality, high-tech content" products on the floor. Under the impact of “five bad boards” and </p>
Chủ đề: high content of technology   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 16/05/2018 lúc 05:19:15(UTC)
<p>September is China's quality month. Yesterday, <a href='http://olssschool.org/wall-panel/5797-cheap-plywood-sale-in-venice.html'>cheap plywood sale in venice</a>the Provincial Flooring Association and the Provincial Forestry Inspection Station exclusively invited daily business daily consumer rights reporters to inspect the Hangzhou floor market and found that the floor name “counterfeiting”non slip pads for boats has become a trend of flooding. Many floor names have been fabricated and misled, seriously misleading consumers. This is a real-time warning issued by the </p>
<p>Provincial Flooring Association and the<a href='http://zenrabbit.org/cheap-floor/3707-how-to-lay-pallet-floors-projects.html'>how to lay pallet floors projects</a> Provincial Forestry Inspection Station to the public through the Commercial Daily after authorizing the Daily Business Daily to exclusively issue floor consumption warnings. It has become a common trend that the name of the floor is barked and disorderly. polystyrene sandwich panelsIn a shop that operates a "Jia-Ya" brand wood floor, the shop owner regarded the birch as a "wave clam". Wood experts say that currently </p>
<p>there is no wood in the world whose name is “waves”.<a href='http://floor.topcop.org/wpc-deck/2139-cheapest-pvc-composite-decking.html'>cheapest pvc composite decking</a> In the "Linpai" floor store, experts at the Linzhan Station discovered that the store had marked "Gamba" on the floor as "Chakang." What does this change of face mean? The price of RMB 220 per square meter of "Gamba" was soared to 388 yuan.glue down outdoor vinyl decking The store also marked the low-grade “birchwood” as a “red maple”; maple” and high-grade maples climbed “close relatives”. </p>
Chủ đề: export-oriented flooring companies   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 14/05/2018 lúc 06:33:08(UTC)
<p>expenditure can be relatively reduced, and more funds can be put into online marketing.<a href='http://mrcpe.in/cheap-fence/2689-wooden-fenced-courtyard.html'>wooden fenced courtyard</a> After a person is constantly doing brand promotion and promotion on the Internet, recommended spacing on composite deck boardsthe number of people who click on the Internet continues to increase. In terms of channels alone, the ever-changing market environment and the continuous refinement of the market have made the original channels unable to adapt to the changes in the market and the </p>
<p>requirements of manufacturers on market share and market coverage. At the same time,<a href='http://zenrabbit.org/diy-deck/12230-exterior-composite-able-wall-panel.html'>exterior composite able wall panel</a> the behavioral characteristics of consumers have also changed. Their buying motivations have become more rational,strand vs fiber siding and their convenience, speed, and cost-effectiveness have become the basis for their purchase of goods. Time change is different, in the face of new market conditions, the floor industry's factories and businesses should calmly </p>
<p>analyze the status quo, in-depth study of target market changes, capture opportunities,<a href='http://mrcpe.in/cheap-fence/6170-pvc-hollow-board-fence-south-africa.html'>pvc hollow board fence south africa</a> correctly understand the advantages and disadvantages of their own channels, combined with their own characteristics of existing channels Make structural adjustments, try and explore new channels. At present, China's flooring industry network marketing situation, but in China,wood plastic boards for garden boxes the big stores channel is the mainstream, independent stores are the </p>
Chủ đề: negotiation with stores   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 14/05/2018 lúc 10:42:13(UTC)
<p>directly invests in and manages various stores,<a href='http://olssschool.org/pvc-fence/3507-metal-garden-fence-supports.html'>metal garden fence supports</a> and the store must also completely obey the headquarters command. This kind of organization has the advantages of unified capital, centralized management, and decentralized sales, but it also has drawbacks. The president of a well-known furniture company,balcony floor for sale Yu Zhan, said that for floor companies that export to domestic sales, it is necessary to open directly-operated stores. Export-oriented </p>
<p>companies have long relied on foreign markets to survive,<a href='http://videoworthy.org/wpc-decking/11883-kingwood-composite-decking.html'>kingwood composite decking</a> and do not understand the domestic market. They are new to the development of domestic distributors. The company has set up a direct-operated store for its employees, and after a series of complicated processes such as site selection, negotiation with stores,log roof design for 2x6 tongue and groove decoration, distribution of products, layout of storefronts, training personnel, logistics cooperation, and after-sales </p>
<p>service, it will not only provide a preliminary understanding of the domestic market conditions for flooring.<a href='http://zenrabbit.org/cheap-floor/5608-knotty-pine-plywood-switzerland.html'>knotty pine plywood switzerland</a> It is also helpful to develop the operation procedures for developing the domestic market and to help develop the distributors in the future. The biggest purpose of a dealer is to make money. If a company can provide shop guidance while providing good products,hallmark springfield birch flooring it will enhance the dealer's confidence in the company. Another person </p>
Chủ đề: competitiveness of the flooring companies   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 10/05/2018 lúc 09:01:43(UTC)
<p>a double-edged sword. Enterprises can make full use of their own resources,<a href='http://greencompositedecking.com/wpc-fence/1762.html'>tampa wood fence panels for sale</a> carpentry, inspection, packaging and other production processes based on the cost savings, but will also bear more management pressures, market risks. Prior to this, Shengxiang, the House of Actual,Composite Tongue and Groove and other aspects expressed the view that “diversified flooring companies face a specialization risk”. With regard to the current state of diversified development </p>
<p>risks and opportunities,<a href="http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/14868.html">cost of engineering plans for deck</a> the new Oasis expressed its willingness to be the “first batch of people who eat crabs in the flooring industry” and believes that the interoperability of wood products production determines that the conversion or repositioning of wood products companies is not Difficulties, Attractive Wpc Floor Indiathe key to the needs of the market, from the "single" to "diversity" is an important step for companies to reduce business risks and achieve long-</p>
<p>term development. The first to create a "pan-home"<a href="http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/12355.html">wall cladding and decking floor</a> brand in the industry can also create a "first-in-first-out" market advantage for the new Oasis in the future competition. Not only that, the New Oasis also emphasized that for home-based companies that have diversified their development or are preparing to diversify,Waterproofing a 2nd Floor Balconythey should adhere to the purpose of “conscience manufacturing, sincere service”. Only in this way can we demonstrate the </p>
Chủ đề: flooring companies in overseas operations   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 09/05/2018 lúc 09:24:31(UTC)
<p>importance of the brand, thinking that with the brand there is everything.<a href='http://videoworthy.org/wpc-decking/8117-did-choicedek-change-the-beach-house-gray-decking.html'>did choicedek change the beach house gray decking</a> In the case that the product has not yet been accepted, the brand will be promoted blindly. Or entering the brand expansion too early, the brand has not been completely recognized by consumers to build new projects, develop new products,wood plastic composite plank price in malaysia and merge with other brands and companies. (B) misunderstandings Many business leaders blindly believe in the power of </p>
<p>advertising, that as long as a dozen advertising can bring profits to enterprises,<a href='http://topcop.org/composite-panel/774-decks-without-railing-pictures.html'>decks without railing pictures</a> ignoring the market construction, leading to a vicious cycle of decline in advertising sales. Advertising is not planned, and the advertising status of the product is not studied. There is no reasonable media plan. There is money to do more and no money to do less.long life modular deck tile Misunderstandings of Sales Behavior Misunderstandings The sales behavior of consumer goods and </p>
<p>industrial products is not the same.<a href='http://rsservices.org/wpc-flooring/2269-diy-porch-panels-for-winter.html'>diy porch panels for winter</a> However, many people do not distinguish between the two. They often follow the gossip to copy the sales model. This translates to the conversion of mass consumer goods in some former state-owned industrial enterprises. The process is more common.seven trust fence pricing Some state-owned enterprises often talk about profits and put too much emphasis on sales volume and sales, in order to win trust from their </p>
Chủ đề: traditional off-season of forest product   Xem bài viết cuối
Đã gửi: 09/05/2018 lúc 08:38:27(UTC)
<p>diversification.<a href='http://topcop.org/composite-panel/5437-hollow-composite-roof-structure.html'>hollow composite roof structure</a> This is a cross-border operation of another heavyweight flooring brand after floor brands such as icons, nature, and living families are involved in wallpapers, wooden doors and other fields. The relevant person in charge of the New Oasis said in an interview: tongue and groove roof decking installation“Our ultimate development goal is 'pan-home', which is the current industry’s more popular statement. From the product point of view, it is to 'cross-border', to </p>
<p>wardrobe, wooden doors and other related In March this year, <a href='http://olssschool.org/pvc-fence/1486-what-is-the-best-vinyl-plank-flooring-2018.html'>what is the best vinyl plank flooring 2018</a>we listed in Hong Kong to pave the way for the integration of timber resources and diversified product development.In the next five years of development planning, the new Oasis will develop in a large scale,convert a fence panel into a gate including the international timber market and the Starlight. The entire supply management service chain including the Chain Business Unit, Oasis Home Business Unit, </p>
<p>Wood Products Industrial Park,<a href='http://rsservices.org/wpc-flooring/191-unseen-fixing-for-softwood-decking.html'>unseen fixing for softwood decking</a> and Logistics Industrial Park will create an innovative supply chain for the entire pan-home industry.” The reporter found during the market visit that most consumers It is believed that there is more competition for a selected brand and business,floating deck on slope sweden and they can benefit from it. Mr. Li, who is responsible for a building materials market, believes that the industry's “crossing the border” and diversified development is </p>

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